Saturday, October 13, 2012

One Week Before Munich

It is around one week's time before I go to Munich.

After travelling to so many places, for the first time I encountered a buggy problem in visa application. Not because I am not qualified, but because with the strict rules, I could not catch my school on time.

However, the time that I spend in Singapore is not a waste. I have more chance to talk to Melvin and learn about God. I have more chance to explore the music industry in Singapore, which I am always interested in. "Become a musician" is a dream that added a vivid color to my everyday mundane life.
To be alive, to be alive, to be alive. Every and each day, my heart is shouting out loudly. I know I am trying my best to understand this world, observe, participate and influence. However there is a thing, a thing that still traps me.
How can we live fully? That will be my forever and ever question.

Also I have more chance to explore the techntrepreneur scene, by involving myself in Techventure.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The concept of DESIGN

It has been a while since my last update. Currently, I am busy with my preparation to TUM as well as taking courses on Coursera.

The world is a very complicated place to understand. Today I met someone trying to sell me World Venture concept, which is clearly a scam. I am trying my best to know this world, I pray that lord can give me the wisdom to choose the life I deeply wanted.

Back to the topic, the term "design" has multiple meanings, and it can go by several different words in another language. Like in Deutsch (German), the words Konstrucktion, bauart, entwurf, planung, and design all refer to different activities that we call simply "design".

Here are some of the human activities characterized as design:

Architectural design
Automotive design
Business design 
Ceramic and glass design
Color design
Communication design
Engineering design
Environmental design
Experience design
Fashion design
Floral design
Furniture design
Game design
Garden design
Graphic design
Industrial design
Information design 
Instructional design
Interaction design
Interior design
Landscape design
Lighting design
Machine design
Mechanical design
News design
Packaging design
Product design
Production design
Service design
Software design 
Sound design 
System design
Theatrical design 
Type design
Urban design
User experience design 
User interface design 
Web design 

While, that is really a long list. And I colored the ones that rised my interest.
It is a dream for me to become a designer, however, I am not a person very good at graphics. Or at least, I am not an art student. The course organized by uPen taught us that design is not necessarily linked with graphic, but a innovative way to solve the problem is already considered as design.

Here I would like to recommend two website for you to explore the world of design:
1. Standford School of Design :

2. Open IDEO :

Wish you have fun watching.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Things begin to move fast in my life. Here is a quick update on what is happening those few days, and my feelings towards things.

UP Singapore 
I have been interested in entrepreneurship for quite while. Catching up with Siyan at SMU E-Corner give me a bunch of re-burst energy.  After months and years exploration, I am clear on where my interests lies. If you ask me to devote my life for it, I will. So why not step out and gain some meaningful experience in prototyping and pitching.
The idea of elderly turism indeed pulled a ring in my heart. Technology after all should be a mean but not the end. It is surprising for us to win the first place, at the same time it made great sense. God shows his grace, not by granted us with triumph, but showed me the tenderness and kindness in everyone will win over everything in the end.

iCommu Youth Community 
The highlight of the year should be my American Trip.

I have never thought it will become true. But it does. The lesson is dream bigger and never be afraid of taking actions. I have to admit that the effort be put in this project was not enough after we finished the trip. I hope after the meeting tonight, we can encourage more youth joined us to actively involve in our research and post-activity community development again. 
We are all gifted and talented, but without one and another, what we can achieve me limited. 

Something I read on Chambers yesterday. 
We say that there ought to be no sorrow, but there is sorrow, and we have to receive ourselves in its fires. If we try and evade sorrow, refuse to lay our account with it, we are foolish. Sorrow is one of the biggest facts in life; it is no use saying sorrow ought not to be. Sin and sorrow and suffering are, and it is not for us to say that God has made a mistake in allowing them. 

Sorrow burns up a great amount of shallowness, but it does not always make a man better. Suffering either gives me my self or it destroys my self. You cannot receive your self in success, you lose your head; you cannot receive your self in monotony, you grouse. The way to find your self is in the fires of sorrow. 
I sent it over to J, because that really remind me of one conversation we had about sorrow. I was trying to delete "regret" and "unhappy" from his vocabulary. However, we are being dishonest when we trying to deny the fact of sorrow does exist. The magic is how we respond to the sorrow and bitterness in life. Are we drived by the un-comfort  to search for solutions or we are stucked and crying over the poured milk or staying in the same old place lying to ourselves that everything will be fine. 
Amazingly, J replied he has a friend just lost her father, the message came in just in time to give her mind a moment of peace. 
I missed the sunshine in California. 

We stayed in a place called Maple Tree Inn in Sunnyvale for a reason.  North America, Los Angeles and Calgary, those names still echo in my dreams again and again. 
Shhhh..... Let's be patient and wait. 

Something Purely Cool 
Blessed, I met different people to talk about my Business Idea. Ciaran mentioned "Smule", a company working on technology and music based on a Stanford Research group.  I had few of their apps on my phone, but today, when I checked their new app Ocarina 2 I have to say it is something purely cool! A nice instrumental sound will come out of your phone when you breath towards the mic. 
Also with a reminder e-mail from Behance, I signed up as a creative account on the platform. I am an apprentice.Technology and creativity, let's make life rock~ 

Embracing, embracing the knowledge, insight and love he provided day by day. You send me a song called "crosstown traffic". The ambiguous and hidden massages. No, I did not slow you down. We constantly see each other might just because we are driving on the same gear.     

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reading from the Computer Screen or Print Material


One of the most frequent questions we are asked is, "Will the enhanced reading skills I learn from The Reader's Edge enable me to read normal printed material better?"

The answer is a resounding unequivocal YES!

Why? Let's recall that The Reader's Edge teaches how to unlearn the habits of Slow Readers and learn the habits and skills of Fluent Readers. This simply means that with The Reader's Edge you will learn to see and read more than one word at a time, without vocalizing words as they are read.

Although this skill is learned on the computer, from a screen, it (the skill) is absolutely transferable to reading print, to reading billboards, or to reading any form in which print is presented for the eye to see.

Another common question asked is, "What is the difference between reading from the computer screen and from print material?" The general consensus of various experts is that reading from a screen is slower than reading from print.

Our view is that the basic level of your reading skills is the determining factor, i.e., if a person is a slow reader reading from print material, then that person will also be a slow reader when reading from a computer screen.

Our experience and research indicates that it is too broad of a statement to say that reading from a screen is slower than reading from print. We believe that in either medium, it depends on what content is being presented and how that content is presented. The similarities and differences between content for the web is compared to writing for print. There is no question that guidelines for good writing for the web, and for print, are beginning to coincide. This is good news for all of us... Web and Print Readers.

The guidelines for writing for the Web vs. Writing for print highlight the developing science which is devoting to making reading from the Web easier than reading from print. Let's review seven basic guidelines:

Guidelines for Web Writing

  • Before worrying about CONTENT, recognize and address inseparability of text, design, format and navigation.
  • Based on the assumption that reading from a screen is slower than reading from print, keep Web content no more than 50% of equivalent print.
  • Web Writers write for scanability (using keywords, headings and lists) because web readers tend to skim before reading content in full.
  • Web Writing acknowledges that readers read to find specific answers (more efficient). Readers tend to leave a site if they are bored.
  • Web Writing provides content that is split into more easily digested and understood "chunks."
  • Web Writers can't control where readers will start reading, i.e., different pages. Therefore, each page is designed as an independent segment.
  • The goal of Web Writing is to provide text in columnar formats to ensure shorter easier-to-read sentences.

Guidelines for Print Material Writing

  • Write for CONTENT with less (minimal) thought to text, design, format and navigation.
  • General advice is to use fewer words and shorter sentences. However, in print, this guideline rarely produces a shorter document.
  • This advice is suggested for Print Writers but is not followed as strongly as by Web Writers.
  • Print Reading is not nearly as oriented to providing content and format designed to please a reader and provide for efficient reading.
  • Although good advice for Print Writers, who still tend to focus on content rather than creating easy to read and understand communication.
  • Print Writers are advised to use chapter headings and topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph, with shorter sentences and words to facilitate efficient reading.
  • Print Writing is typically in a single column format. This limits the amount of "white space" around the text and makes pages look "overflowing" and cramped. Hence, this makes single column material, such as hardcover and paperback books and 8 1/2 x 11 documents, very difficult to read.

In conclusion, many of us read as much (or more) text from computer screens than from printed material. Other than eye strain from either medium, there are more similarities than differences between reading from computer screens vs. printed material. The reason: Web Writers are focused on providing content in an efficient and effective format that ensures maximum readability. Because of the competition between the two mediums, Print Writers are employing the same guidelines to ensure optimum communication with their readers.

The competition between the two mediums will ultimately benefit all readers. Remember, with The Reader's Edge, you will learn Fluent Reading skills that permit you to see and read groups of words with each single eye fixation. Then, you will be better prepared to read, in either medium, better and faster with improved comprehension and recall.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The pathway of possibilities

I used to believe a lot of things are not possible. Even yesterday, when I read Tanya's blog post, I though, oh Jes., there is no way I can achieve the same level of mastering of English. 
Sometimes it is sad to think about the fact, which I am a Chinese, and unfortunately also one that enjoy freedom of expression and never pay much attention in grammers and rules. 

But the question is never "can I do this" but "am I willing to do this no matter what it cost". Everything in life is never about ability but willingness. We fail, we fail hard, but as long as we are still working on it, and adjust our strategy every time we fail, we are still on the right track to find the way. However, the moment we think, "no, I cannot do that" and stop, we will never again close to our goal. 

Feeling is important. Your feeling about yourself, reflect in the impression you give to others. In another word, our relationship with others is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. And even if I think I love myself enough, without the framework of the whole world, I can never locate myself.
Self love for me does not come from just saying and accepting, but come from the clarity of who I want to be and the level of awareness to make myself truly that person.

Why? I asked myself, you work so hard and think so much? Because I never want to let you down. I never want to let the people I care and who cares about me feel disappointed. Even if I cannot do everything, there must be something I can do. And let me do these simple things well.

Never, never am I willing to say that I want to give up. Even though not everything happens according to my will, but I will never give up. Those things including being well educated, being lovable and being able to love, creativity, wealth and a sexy figure.

I always dreamed of being able to sing when I get married.
I always dreamed of being able to stand by your side, looking at your handsome face and saying, I love you since I am young.
I finally understand God's grace is powerful. Peace and joy is guaranteed in his blessing. so secure and certain.

Ruiqing get her intern at Yanglan Interview Group.
I am working for someone who can afford a Rolls-Royce for her father. What Alex has told me is happening again and again, while at the same time I know, what I observe and understand in my own eyes, counts as well.    

Yesterday, I checked Vera Wang's wedding design site. I will never dreamed about those things one years earlier. But now I dare to look at those and think, yes, I deserve it, too. I have worked so hard. I have followed so many rules that people keep talking to me. I deserve one of the elegant designs. Or I will design myself something similar.

The reason why I appreciate her work is that the material does not looks luxuries or boast like some of the big brand. It is elegant, gentle and delicate. It makes you feel so comfortable, peaceful and relax. You know you are part of the beauty. The settings is not to show off your success, but to tell the world loudly you are happy and so should they.

Yes, she is a part of the beauty, so can I. I felt so blessed that a lot of people like my various design. The image of me in my head get more and more clearer. 

When the time comes, I will stand besides you, singing, being your beautiful love. And the guests coming are blessed with his grace. I won't feel tiered or shamed or uncomfortable. I am depending on my own with his grace. The circle will come, the reality will be create. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Start Up of Me

You will never know what you can complete until you try it out.
This drawing is done with the inspiration of the gift that someone passed me. After successfully accomplished iCommu project, I realized I have a deep interest in design and arty expression. It is the variety of expression draws me to the world of Media as well as the people who are around me.

2012 June, I am 21 years old. When I find out Taylor is the same age as me, I am totally amazed. People can achieve so much at a young age. Truly, it is not about age and experience but execution and knowledge. By taking actions, many and many of us have made a real impact on people's life. 
Grace joined  YangLan conversation program in TV station in China. Sometimes, I wondered what is fate that made each one of us so different. 
We are the decisions we make. We are the action we take. And we are the connections we have. 

It is great to know Mr. Tan, who is currently organizing TechVenture in Singapore. The essence of involve in start-ups, involve in building a business, get fundings has never died in me. But I want to build something slightly different. 
When I watched makers, I admire Jennifer Siebel, Leila Janah and Lauren Bucherie. Those beautiful women are full of courage and determination. Their product is beautiful, be it a movie or a music platform and their way of approach is nearly always elegant and stylish. 

Check more from here :
If you are a female, you will find your role model. If you are a male, you will be simply amazed by how much women can do.

Mr. Tan has recommend me the book written by  Reid Hoffman, the Co-founder of LinkedIn and Ben Casnocha. The book shared a similar idea with one of popular Youtube Video. The world is changing very fast, and by merely memorizing fact and theories on books is far from enough to get us successful (However that is not to say school is not important, on the contrary, I believe it is fairly important. Do not hate school because you did not  excel or you get frustrated sometime. The trick is always try another time and make it better. If you cannot have an good attitude with school, seldom will you with life, too.) Therefore, to keep up with the world, we have to stay with correct information resources. 
Attached is a mind map summary of the book. 
I still dare not to say, I have done all the things I am interested in, even fantastic. But I have a clear intention here in my heart and I roughly know how to get there. 
Never say never. Entrepreneurs always in the state of starting something , and the most important start up is, you. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Ability of Being Still

 From a public speaking point of view, the speaker has a very good ability to control his body movement.
A quick summary of what he have said will be :

a. Keep an external focus
b. Learn from your mistake
c. Embrace your inner edition
d. Resist the pull of the core

Friday, June 1, 2012

The form of life

This is a picture I got from Shilo Shiv Sulema's Facebook updates. Finally, INK conference becomes TED @ Bangalore.  I feel really happy for my group of Indian Friends.
I have to say that INK 2010 was the most inspiring event ever happened in my life. It gave me a chance to see beautiful forms of life. How lives become a fantastic story, a piece of artwork and fruitful with highly intellectual works. It is a state of exuberance that exclusively belongs to people who work hard intellectually, believe in collaboration, and live for a passion.

Always I admire him for having a music community. There are barriers I must tackle subconsciously. Currently I am helping out a company to do their branding. When I went for the girls in tech events, I realized being a female entrepreneur is  not rare. Not only Min can manage to do it, but many of us can.
I believe one day I will have my own studio, delivering online content for marketing and branding purpose.

At the mean time, I found something interesting about emotions online.

Love and Fear

                                          by Gary Wilson and Marnia Robinson 

 Various spiritual teachings say that there are only two fundamental emotions: love and fear. For the body, this is true. All mammals, including humans, have two opposing hormonal responses to stimuli. Threatening stimuli cause an increase of stress hormones—adrenaline and cortisol. Soothing or reassuring stimuli cause an increase in oxytocin.

A sudden threat triggers the fight-or-flight response associated with adrenaline. Adrenaline steps up heart rate, increases respiration, activates muscles, and promotes hyper-alertness. Longer-term stress (from a few minutes to days and weeks) increases a different stress hormone: cortisol. Cortisol, too, makes us hyper-vigilant, but its evolutionary functions are quite different than the temporary jolt of adrenaline designed to propel us out of danger.

The stress encountered by mammals—and our hunter-gatherer ancestors—was chiefly physical, not emotional. The most common physical stressors were probably starvation, long migrations, and critical injury. To cope with such emergencies, cortisol begins to break down non-essential organs and tissues to maintain blood sugar and feed vital organs. When cortisol stays at high levels, it automatically digests bones, muscles and joints to obtain these key nutrients. The result is elevated blood fats and sugar, which are related to many disorders. Another side effect is hunger; we reach for high-calorie foods.

Today our biggest long-term stressors are emotional and mental, not physical. In effect, we are a “new” scientific experiment. We face threats in the form of potential job loss, the pressure of commuting in heavy traffic, a barrage of fear-producing media, relationship disharmony in a marriage, etc. Even though these are not physical threats, our body has only one, automatic response: more cortisol. Cortisol is very hard on the body, so all these threats indirectly become physical threats.

Fortunately, we have a built-in mechanism for countering stress, which forms the basis of our alternative response to stimuli. It entails another hormone, called oxytocin. Apart from its functions of inducing emotional bonding, labor, and lactation, oxytocin counters the effects of cortisol. This anti-stress effect of oxytocin is a recent discovery, and very exciting, because it points the way to better health by entirely natural means.

Fear - Cortisol
Love - Oxytocin
Anti-stress hormone
Arousal, Anxiety, Feeling stressed-out
Feeling calm and connected, Increased curiosity
Activates addictions
Lessens cravings & addictions
Suppresses libido
Increases sexual receptivity
Associated with depression
Positive feelings
Can be toxic to brain cells
Facilitates learning
Breaks down muscles, bones and joints
Repairs, heals and restores
Depresses immune system
Faster wound healing
Increases pain
Diminishes sense of pain
Clogs arteries, Promotes heart disease and high blood pressure
Lowers blood pressure, Protects against heart disease
Obesity, Diabetes, Osteoporosis

As you can see from the chart above, nearly all the negative effects of continued stress on the body and mind are related to elevated levels of cortisol. These include: chronic anxiety and depression, emotional over-reaction, negativity, weight gain, heart disease, high blood pressure, and weakened immunity. Oxytocin, by countering cortisol, can ameliorate all of these conditions—as well as some others (see list of recent discoveries at end of article).

Numerous activities produce more oxytocin: meditation, yoga, exercise, massage, caring for a pet, joining a support group, worshiping, and so forth. Yet one of the most important avenues for decreasing stress and increasing levels of oxytocin lies in our intimate relationships. In Love & Survival, Dr. Dean Ornish points out that love and intimacy are such powerful determinants of health that if they were produced in pill form, doctors who failed to prescribe them for unhealthy patients would be guilty of malpractice.

Incidentally, one might wonder why we can’t just take oxytocin pills to increase levels of this helpful hormone. Unfortunately, oxytocin doesn’t cross the body’s “blood/brain barrier,” except in the form of nasal sprays. However, long-term administration of oxytocin via spray has resulted in amnesia, hallucinations and imbalances in electrolytes and hormones. To gain its benefits, we must either produce it naturally in the brain (or have it injected with great precision into a tiny area of the brain using special equipment…not terribly practical).

Oxytocin has been nicknamed the “bonding hormone” and the “cuddle hormone.” We produce it naturally when we love, are loved, nurture another, give selflessly, or engage in affectionate touch. It is not the neurochemical behind lust or burning sexual desire, although it is associated with sexual responsiveness.

When we choose to make love by avoiding the stress-producing cycle of highs and lows of conventional sex with its attendant anger, resentment and discouragement—and substitute a very selfless, affectionate, more balanced form of lovemaking such as Karezza or Taoist lovemaking—we can improve our health and wellbeing. This shift takes time, and the effects are subtle at first. Yet consistency can lead to profound improvements in wellbeing in a surprisingly short time.

Oxytocin equates with love; we could not fall in love without it. Cortisol equates with fear. These different hormones generate these opposing emotions, just as the emotions of love and fear trigger the production of these respective hormones. In other words, neurochemicals and behavior are circular. This means that with a bit of awareness and determination we can consciously direct our behavior toward the maintenance of our ideal hormonal balance.

By the way, oxytocin is a very unique neurochemical; the more oxytocin we make, the stronger our body and mind respond to it. Our nerve cells actually sprout more oxytocin receptors, making them more sensitive to its effects. It grows easier and easier to be loving. Oxytocin is the neurochemical basis for the adage, “The more you give, the more you get.”

Love tends to breed more love, and fear tends to breed more fear. It’s up to us.

Recent findings demonstrating the power of oxytocin:
  • Oxytocin reduces fear. Increased levels of oxytocin inhibit the fight or flight response in the brain. (Huber, 2005)
  • Oxytocin speeds healing. Wounded hamsters heal twice as fast when they are paired with a sibling, rather than left in isolation (DeVries, 2004).
  • Oxytocin counters cravings for sweets. (Billings, 2006).
  • Oxytocin reduces antisocial behavior. The administration of oxytocin normalized social behaviors in animals exhibiting schizophrenia. (Lee, 2005)
  • Oxytocin promotes healthy social behavior. Administration of oxytocin reduces symptoms of autism. (Hollander, 2003)
  • Oxytocin reduces cravings. When scientists administered it to rodents who were addicted to cocaine, morphine, or heroin, the rats opted for less drugs, or showed fewer symptoms of withdrawal. (Kovacs, 1998)
  • Oxytocin calms. A single rat injected with oxytocin has a calming effect on a cage full of anxious rats. (Agren, 2002)
  • Oxytocin levels were higher in both men and women who reported greater partner support. (Grewen, 2005)
  • Oxytocin appears be a major reason that SSRI’s ease depression, perhaps because high levels of cortisol are the chief culprits in depression and anxiety disorders. (Uvnas-Moberg, 1999)
  • Oxytocin increases sexual receptivity and counteracts impotence , which may explain why this other way of making love remains pleasurable. (Pedersen, C.A., 2002), (Arletti, 1997)
  • Oxytocin counteracts the effects of cortisol, the stress hormone. Increased levels of oxytocin in the brain decrease levels of blood cortisol. (Legros, 2003)
  • Oxytocin may increase longevity. Companionship can increase longevity—even among those who are HIV positive (Young, 2004). Oxytocin may also explain why, among various species of primates, care-giving parents (whether male or female) live significantly longer. (Cal Tech, 1998)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The night is unforgetable

From today onwards, you will be my hope and believe. How I secretly wish we will meet one day again. You said you are coming back. That's a promise as beautiful as the rainbow. But I will never know until I made it through the rain day.
I will miss you.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I am facing the world, healing myself.

Begin to understand I am on my own, I have to face to world alone. I have to define who I am and fight for that identity.

It is such a thrill feeling. Enjoyable, cool, but still thrilling.
God said you will ask for nothing in the end. I am not sure whether I have been holding something too tight. But maybe I have been holding too much. I am too proud to give up. It feels painful to admit 'No, I cannot do it'. Maybe, that is the time we should reflect on how to do things better and smarter.

Keep learning from the world. Every moment. Stay balanced inside, be still and be yourself. A total acceptance of  yourself is not only accept what you are good at, but also your pain, your regret and your mistakes.
Only then I can look at the world.

Currently I am working as a free lance designer in GKO. I still feel out of control of life. I know I have choices every moment, but the best choice for me I know seems not good enough.

But one day I will be the person I want to be. I will find the combination of media, tech and business.

Something interesting: A fashion student want to stay over my place on Coachsurfing. And another person want to catch up during the weekend. He is working with a local start-up in the field I mentioned. I am looking forwards to the chat.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Girls in Tech-- D+D Day

Google did a lot of innovation with their logo 

Picture with KeyNote Speaker. 
Group Photo 

Compare to America, there are a lot undone and unpolished area in Asia. But I am so exciting that the inspiration is flowing into Asia and I am  looking forwards to see more interesting opening up.

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Prayer

Lord my heavenly father,

I shall offer you my gratitude, since you have showed great enlightenment to me .

We are nothing but your flawed kids running around the earth. You can hear me, you know my name and you called me often.

I attended the workshop of active listening this morning. Witnessing my schoolmates have great passion on the subject they are learning or the project they are running, I realized you have  plant a valuable seed in every person's heart. I know those wishes are as strong as mine, and I can notice they are struggling, self-doubting just like I do all the time. My passion is in media. But the boy want to be a teacher get critical. He said nothing was memorable about myself introduction. It sounds very veg.
What are the fact that is true between me and media? I have learned electronic piano since 4 years old. I was the one of six in the city who obtain highest degree in music theory. And I got a full mark at that time. I won the first prize of TV emcee talent show national wide when I was 16. Hosted Mid-Autumn Festival of NUS during the first year I came to Singapore. I love singing still. Have be trained in Music Forest, and write a song for R at the end of the course. Dancing, I was involved in Jazztitude advanced beginner. Those are the connections I can think of that I have with arts and performance.

I know the only thing that stopped me from identify myself as an artist is that I am rational and intellectual as well. I know where the power come from. Never from artists but politician and economists. Lord I am too thirsty about power and material. Forgive me, forgive me that I am bothered by those concerns and refused your offering.

You are offering me a great life.

When I talked to my parents last night, with the NBC logo pillow. My entire person just lighted up. I am cheerfully talking about my dreams, my interpretation of the world and how can I contribute to it. I said I am so interested in music and film, even tho I am still on the way. I am not an genius. I am just a normal girl with a true love for art.

 If it going to be a challenging journey, let it be. I am not afraid. Without a music or song what are we. What can we be.

Ashton, my previews vocal teacher starts publish his original on Facebook. I am so glad of him that he finally make this step and begin to build his own dream.

Later today I begin to learn E-mail campaign. Sending those beautiful newsletters is a great joy for me.
Before I went to bed,  I watched a video online about a murder case in Dongyuan, China. It was so touching that I almost burst into tears. I have not cried for years I think. It is getting harder for me to be moved by videos and episodes. The video was made by the boyfriend of the girl who had been murdered. Every image is an expression of love and missing. Love, pure love, true love is so beautiful. And I finally realized it is all the wicked mind that keep us from growing.

So today you reveal yourself to me in a new level. I admire you Lord.
And I miss him.

Good night.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Festival De Cannes

Official Website:

I was lucky to witness a live ceremony for Ellen K on the Walk of Fame. The reality is that I have tons and tons of miles to go before I reached the place I dream of being. But why should I be ashamed of my dreams? No, if I truly believe this is something I do like and want to be involved, I will tell you, and accept the criticisms,  sneers, or insult that you may give me. I can be laughed at. However I only live once, there is nothing, nothing I will trade for my dreams.

So it comes the topic of this post: Festibal De Cannes.   
It has been long known by me as a prestige and global events, but never have I explore deeper what it means and how it was hosted. Today, please go with me, let's unveil the mysterious front of this famous film festival.
From the official Website, ABOUT session-- 

What is the mission of the Festival de Cannes?
Ever since its creation, the Festival de Cannes has remained faithful to its founding purpose: to draw attention to and raise the profile of films with the aim of contributing towards the development of cinema, boosting the film industry worldwide and celebrating cinema at an international level.
What is the Official Selection?
The Official Selection serves to highlight the diversity of cinematic creation through its different sections, the two most important of which are the Competition and Un Certain Regard. Films that are representative of “arthouse cinema with a wide audience appeal” are presented in Competition, and Un Certain Regard focuses on works that have an original aim and aesthetic. The Official Selection also includes Out of Competition films, Special Screenings and Midnight Screenings, Cannes Classics and the Cinéfondation selection targeting film schools.
What do the “red stairs” represent today?
These are one aspect of the event and, without doubt, the part of the festival that draws the most media attention. For the organisation, they represent above all an opportunity to give an initial and equally special welcome to both the world’s greatest film artists and emerging talent. They also represent an opportunity to honour the creativity of those artists on whom the Festival’s prestige depends.
What do the non-competitive selections consist of?
The Out of Competition films are often films that have a big impact on the cinematic calendar, and the Special Screenings and Midnight Screenings represent a special opportunity to view more personal works. Restored copies of films that are important in the history of cinema are brought back to life at Cannes Classics, which also offers tributes and documentaries focusing on cinema. In addition to the Selection, cinema lovers can also explore the world of cinema in a different way by attending lessons, tributes, exhibitions and so on.
Where do short films fit in at Cannes?
At Cannes, short films feature in the Competition, at the end of which the short films Jury awards a Palme d’or, and in the Short Film Corner, a professional area dedicated to meeting people, exchanging ideas and promoting films.
En 2010, the Festival created "Cannes Short Film" to bring these two entities together in a complementary dynamic in an attempt to offer an all-encompassing panorama of short film production worldwide, as well as to stimulate the creativity of short film artists.

What initiatives has the Festival set up to encourage film production?
The Festival is very keen to discover new talent and act as a springboard for creation. The development of “Cannes Short Film” is just one example of this. A number of initiatives aimed at supporting the talent of the future have already been introduced: the Caméra d’Or is awarded to the best film presented either in the Official Selection, during Directors´ Fortnight or during the Semaine de la Critique.
The Cinéfondation, which serves to showcase new trends in the film industry, screens films from film schools as part of the Official Selection, as well as organising the Résidence and the Atelier.
How do you maintain the Festival’s international dimension?
The films selected and the professionals whose work is recognised at the Festival come from around the world, and there is international coverage of the event in the media. In addition, the Festival de Cannes offers filmmaking countries the chance to showcase the richness of their cinema in the Village international, which hosted over 40 countries in 2011.
To further enhance the Festival’s international dimension, six new languages were added to the official website in 2010. Internet users can now follow the event not only in French and English, but also in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian.
Does the Marché du film represent the economic side of the Festival de Cannes?
From a very early stage, the Festival de Cannes has placed an emphasis on its Marché du Film as a way of promoting the dual cultural and economic nature of cinema. Today, boasting in excess of 10,000 participants and 4,000 films, it is the world’s leading market, serving to add dynamism to the global film industry. It forms an integral part of the Festival in the sense that it also facilitates networking and provides accredited professionals with the services and tools they need in order to exchange information, hold negotiations and uncover new opportunities.
What does the Festival do for the general public?
A film’s success and its director’s reputation depend above all on how it is received in cinemas. Despite being an event for film professionals only, the Festival is mindful of this reality and is taking steps to improve the way it reaches film enthusiasts.
In 2011, the opening film was released in French cinemas on the same day as its screening at Cannes and the Opening ceremony was broadcast in cinemas enabling audiences to experience the Festival launch night live.
At Cannes, the Cinéma de la Plage, an outdoor cinema, screens a different film each night - and, since 2010, even the occasional world première – from its theme-based programme. These open-air screenings are open to anyone who works closely with the general public.
The Festival is going to turn 65, what is the secret to its lasting success?
While maintaining a strong connection to its past, the Festival is very ready to take on board new and original concepts. Over the years, it has evolved, all the while seeking to preserve its core values: a passion for cinema, the discovery of new talent, and bringing together professionals and journalists from around the world with the aim of contributing to the creation and distribution of films.
During the Festival´s 65th edition, to be held from 16th to 27th May 2012, projects will be conceived, experiences will be shared and different cultures will come into contact: it is this dynamism that makes the Festival de Cannes a true reflection of its time.
iPhone Apps
If you have an iPhone, there are two free apps you can download. 
1. Festibal De Cannes
2. Cinnando For iPhone
Producer Workshops 

 Apart from what seems glamorous and seems impossible to reach, please believe there is always more that what was put in the front. The producers looks like normal people aren't they? 
Festival De Cannes is open to the public to register as well, the fee for  a producer workshop is around 279€,that is cheaper than a LSD  Cannon Camera.  
An exclusive program of meet-and-greets!
Launched in 2004, the Producers Network hosts 550 producers from around the world in a series of meetings and events. Created to stimulate international coproduction and project financing, this event is specially designed for producers.
Every day an individually tailored program will give you the opportunity to meet the various partners your projects require, be it a co-producer, distributor, sales agent or financier.
 -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
More to find in their partner organization 
If you are keen, there will be more information to find in their partner organization webpage. 
The Israel Film Fund    ------
Promagenes Colombia ------
NFI ------
VAF ------
FlandersImage ------ 
SODEC ------
Telefilm Canada ------
DFI ------

I did not find an English version for the last one, therefore I just leave it blank here. This is only a list of partner. Festival De Cannes also give out information of their sponsors and associated partners. I always thought making film will means no money to earn, according to Prof. Douglas.  
I know that is not my only obstacle.  To be frankly, I am not a fantastic photographer, I stopped learning arts as in drawing when my mom banded that course for me when I was 4 years old. I continued music training until 13, that is 9 years of study. But so what, I have not performed on a school level performance since I came to Singapore. 
Put all of those complain aside. I remember there is a theory in Buddhism, do not hold something too tight. Anton, has suggested me when he left SG. 
You are looking for someone too hard, he said. Yes, and maybe it is not only about relationship, but also about everything that I am doing for now. 
I know what I want to do, and I know I am on the way. Unfortunately, life is not all about what we want, and our way. That's the reason I accept Jesus. I will surly leave no excuse to perform on my part. But the rest, I will leave it to the trust of the great love. For the people I encounter daily, I know you have guided me, and protected me. I trust that you will lead me to the place I supposed to be. 
This the the exploration for today. I will write about my iCommu Trip and the novel I am working on later today. 

Hope you have a nice day, too. My blog post readers.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Feeling on Air

I am on the flight back to Singapore. Writing in the air is a new experience that I might get used to in the future. The trip to U.S is fantastic. I have finally seen the country I dreamed of with my own eyes. I have stood under the traffic light in the busy New York Street, watching the cars and people passing in a harry. I have finally visited the museums and the World Bank in Washington D.C. I have walked and participated ceremony on the Walk of Fame; tasted wine in Napa Valley and what’s more, sightseeing the night view of San Francisco on the cable car which is more than 100 years old.
It is barely hard for me to believe all of those actually come true. But yes, we did it. With Chinese people coming from all over the world, we successfully ran the trip in New York City and Washington D.C. We have managed to visit LinkedIn, Spotify, Asia Society United Nation and much more. 
These two years has been amazing for me. The inspiration starts in year 2010, December, when I volunteered at INK, the TED India conference, I know my whole perspective of the world have been changed. It is fascinating to know Min, Gaurav and Eddy.  Those people with a drive in life and thus attend high achievement. During the conference, I find people trapped in big corporations are mostly dull and pale. They do not have much to talk about on their own life and feelings. All what they are doing is to follow the rules and be an economic components on the huge money machine. Maybe that is the time I know that is not something I would like to sacrifice my life for.
I know I am not realistic when talking about all those stuff. But somehow I believe what I am dreaming of will come true someday. As long as I hold those dreams dear enough and trade it for nothing. The dream of stage, of creation, and of the most beautiful properties in human history is guiding me through all the darkness and difficulties. Noting, nothing could compare with the beauty of art, the astonishing form of human existence in delicate form of shadow and light. I do not know whether my words make any sense, but I am just so fascinated with the piece of work that gathers all human intelligence, sensation and imagination.
I stand in awe, and I know it is a blessing from God, to let us be able to create something like that. 
On the plane, I watched several movies and a TV series talk about call calendar, which gathering the most famous stars and photographers to shoot a female fantasy for  200 selective people. The models are gorgeous. Even as a female I have to admit there are something pleasant and beautiful about those bodies.   
It likes a feeling on air. It is art. The oxygen I am looking for, I know I could not live without the vibration. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hollywood Fantasy

Grace, Brain and I are living in Hollywood Boulevard now. Grace send out the email contains a list of LinkedIn Speakers. It feels like a dream, a dream that finally comes true. It is our trip, the iCommu trip. It is our song, our laugh and our memory.
This morning, after I get up and went to the small cafe beside the hotel. I heard people talking about film making. The area we lived in is far from luxury, since we are only student without incomes. But you can know that everyone lives here have a dream. They are somehow influenced by the culture. The LA culture, sexual oriented, attention thirsty, and vibrate.
We are lucky that we witness the ceremony at the Walk of Fame of Ellen K. Later, we sightseeing around Chinese Theater and Koadak Theater. Had a tour to the hollywood Sign later, and in the end, we passed by Hollywood Museum. There are much to see the to do here in LA. I wish I could have more time to reflect but it is already 2: 45 at night.

How I wish time past by slower.

Be still, hold on, Chase your dream.

Monday, April 16, 2012


It is always easier to run away from life. It is always easier for me to lost in my dreams. Those rosy images and lungent life style. Sometimes I feel life is in vein and empty. What's real? Is there anything even real? People trust you because they have a image in their mind about you.People like you because they have an imagination about you.Every time when I felt dry out,I think of J. I think of his genuine believe in Christ, and such a bliss felling he could always bring. Merging,I indulge myself in the swimming is good that I begin to exercise, and try to keep it a hour everyday. . If I lost interest, if I feel fake and out of touch. I know I should look for you Lord. I should trust your amazing plan for me. Like what seiya shared on Sunday, I was so moved by her destermination. The harshness in life she has been through, and the happiness she eventually obtained. I asked myself, what is my condition? Have I put enough effort to make my life work properly? Or I am constantly running away, and sold myself, do not worrie, because the world of imagination is so sweet and enchanting. I should be grateful.tho I do not have a boy friend, but I some how choose to ignoring this fact. I do not want to admit that I have lost the battle with life. I do not what to give up the things I like or the people I adore. I know that's why I am in pain, and I feel tourchtured by reality. Because I do not know the way to live like that. I do not know the way to live like what I dreamed. But that is reality. Was not it? A free lunch,a no work all play life can never happen to anyone. Hi reality, I am touching your harsh surface. I am smiling while I feel your coldness and ridgedness. Darling, I am not afraid. Let the syphone of bittersweetness keep going.I am not running away this time. I will look into your eyes and tell you I am ready for the play.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Real Me

Who am I ? This is a genuine question worth to ask for everyone. After all, the real purpose of living is to live the real me out. The past week was not easy. I am emotionally on edge because of I cannot meet my expectation of myself.

Who am I? Today 3am I get the e-mail from America People's Daily, saying they want to terminate the cooperation. Part of our rights have actually been offended, and Grace and I are seeking advices from lawyers.

I have never expected the trip will go on this trap, but through the emotional and relational harshness,  I begin to reflect on myself. Jerry asked me, who are you, who are this girl that is so special? So that you think what you can speak, anyone else cannot speak; so that what you think anyone else cannot think of? I still do not have an answer for it. But I believe one day I will find the core of myself.

Zhi Sheng said I am clearly Romantic person. The way I dress, the way I talk, and the way I portray myself.He also predict I can only do things that I am passion about, and do not care anything else. To an extent, the statement is very true.

I love the feeling of love. I enjoy expressing love. For me, one of my fundamental believe is that words have power. Language is a powerful tool to create reality. That's why I want to go for  a master courses after graduate too.

I do not have much more time to lost. Action, towards your dream. It is now or never. !

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Vice President.

I am gradually realizing the importance of being professional, and ask myself what is my dream indeed. If I really want to be an artist, why I sat on the table of bankers every time there is a career talk?

I was not in a right emotion this two days. It is called emotion, so that means it is unreasonable. My rational mind is not at rest, yet I just felt powerless over the project and school works and all the incidences I had been through. 

After writing this few lines, I got a conclusion: I want to be powerful, no matter that is intellectually, financially or "politically", wait, you know I do not like politics. But I am fighting for my power, no matter that power comes in soft or hard.

Goldman Sachs was once like a world on another ends to me, so remote and unreachable. However now I ego is growing. :) or let's put it nicer: my confidence is growing. There is nothing "inhuman" and "godlike" in those people.  For sure they are fairly successful, yet they seems humble, on ground, they are not creating the image that they are above anyone. I think those people are just hard working, smart, self-driven.

I am thinking of Christina, if I am not wrong, I know she will be an awesome banker.

Pray, I am not sure about my path. May it be a IT consultant, Advertiser, Producer, Financial Analyst, Singer, Song writer,  or "Day dreamer".  I give it to God, and I know he is wise enough to decide my route.

Let's focusing on the work of today form NUS now. Blogging task ends. :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Life as a meditation

I am in NUS I3, thanks for my friend B. I might survive in this Holocaust Season. Every module is a war for me.
Sometimes, I feel life is awesome when you are surrounded with cool people.
It is like when two of your friends get in JP Morgen in Hong Kong and New York; one of your friends works in Credit Suisse Singapore; another is going to Washington  to start a company, how bad can you be.

I am not sure, I feel I am not very competent. S said I am much better than mainland people he met, yet I have to acknowledge the difficulties I have in English, in programming, in school. The intellectual game was once my favorite, now I get hurts, but I am not letting go.

Sure, quit is not in my dictionary.

Buddha once taught the general, the most efficient way of meditation is living as a meditation.

If it is so, the only enlightenment I got now, is that I shall be humble and humble.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mar 25 2012, I need to face reality.

I am living in a subjective world at the margin of reality, people said.
I become easy to be contented with this attitude. I lost in my day dream, they are vivid, colorful, reflecting on my ambition and real intention.

I know there are several deadlines, yet I went for After Effect Workshop, Cyema Talk to give a speech and met G after that. The home work is not very hard, at least IS3242. If it is not because of Language, I believe I am competent to deal to more complex and metaphysical problems. While I went to cheers for supper milk, I found hips of people are staying up, working.

I do not like stressed life. It is already 3 am and the truth made me feel uncomfortable. But I know this is the reality. Everyone is striving for their best. You have to take the battle, or die.

I paid the cashier, while thinking, is there anything I want to achieve not because of the economical reward, but the pure fact that I am content with my result.
I think arts. If I can create something beautiful, I will be happy.

May it be report, and scientific discovery? The IT analysis I am doing now? The programs I need to write for different modules. I shall try to program my neroathway in a new method.

Another thing about this blog is, the most visited posts are all about technology.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Collection of Programming Language

Suddenly, I want to summarize the programming language I have learned or know about.  It is interesting to live like a experiment. As she has said, and when I know I could not type logically. It is time to go to bed.
C supports a rich set of operators, which are symbols used within an expression to specify the manipulations to be performed while evaluating that expression. C has operators for:



Markup language :

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Handel's Messiah - The people that walked in darkness

Paper One: In the song “The people that walked in darkness” from Handel’s Messiah, how does the music relate to the words? How is the music independent of the words? You should concentrate on just this one piece, providing a close reading of it and proffering one clear idea. Paper One is an important diagnostic tool for your instructor. It also allows you to examine the relationship between music and text, which is an important theme in this course.

Are we continuously walking in darkness?  When will it be the right place, right time for us to live the right life ? The orchestral music like a permanent question, deep and thought provoking. One can muse over it, what is the meaning of walking this life, what is the darkness that always accompany us? The shadow that we never let go. The secrets that make us whole.  
The melody fits perfectly with the lyric. The ups and downs sounds like a thinker pondering over  a puzzle unsolved. This is a mixture of pain and hope which is parallel with the sweet-bitter nature of life. We walk in the darkness, but we are under a great light. No matter the lyric was song in English or German, the rhythms of the words fit with the rhythms of the melody seamlessly.
Apart form the lyric, the melody alone is a wonderful narrator. The orchestra was reviewing the main storyline, while violin came in as a response or satellite. And the different kinds of instrument formed a conversation between themselves.  People walk in darkness, who still believe in the guidance in their heart, will actually never feel alone. It is not always good for a man to seek internal reference point. But I do believe, only after you have a strong internal reference system, can one not loss in the complex society.

And I believe the one who understand arts, are tapping the most valuable legacies in human history.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 Issue 1

Topic: To understand the most important characteristics of a society, one must study its major cities. 

As collective representation, society has its unique characteristics like individuals. And its distinctive ambiance vibrates in every aspect of people’s life. However, it is arguable whether it is necessary to visit all the major cities of a country to understand its culture. And I would like to articulate that from several perspectives.
Firstly, the characteristics of a society may not be preserved in major cities. For example, the culture in southern China is largely represented in small towns. By visiting major cities in southern China, one cannot get the full picture of Chinese culture. Similar condition exists in southern France, too. Therefore, major cities may not be an ideal sample to study a society. One can easily draw unilateral conclusion by neglecting cities that do not qualified for being a major city but significant in terms of culture preserving.  
Secondly, it is not necessary to visit all major cities if some of them have homogenous features. The life styles of different cities are not always the same. But in a rapid globalized and commercialized world, major cities that adopt to consumerism are identical in a large present. If two cities located in neighborhood, the chance for them being indistinguishable is higher. Therefore, it may not be necessary to visit every major city to understand the characteristic of a society. For example, even for cities of different countries but have similar histories can end up being culturally alike. Hong Kong and Singapore are comparable in many aspects since they were both British colonized trading hubs. If one plans to investigate a society in a more economical way, classifying typical types of cities of a society can be a recommendation.
Last but not least, the observation of characteristics may not be achieved merely by visiting major cities. Culture and philosophy of a society do not reflect superficially. It requires a longer and in detailed observation to figure out miscellaneous rituals and the rationales behind them. In that sense, visiting major cities may not be an effective way to understand a society comparing to research and read about its histories, geography and customs.
All in all, it is not necessary for one to visit all the major cities to understand the characteristics of a society, because major cities may not preserve a compete profile of culture; major cities can be identical; and it may not be sufficient to understand a society by merely visiting cities.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Goodnight - Chinese Contemporary Poem

It is a long night. After I come back to my room, I felt a sudden loneliness. Also I know the lonsome won't be compensate by simple companion.
I feel like reading some poem. And here is my final work.

Monday, February 27, 2012

How Expats Should Lead in China

1. Understand the market, but work with the state
2.Adapt to local conditions, but implement global standards
3.Pay for performance, but build a people-centric workplace
4.Drive down costs, but maintain quality
5.Recognize complexity, but define clear priorities.

It is always hard to deal with a complex situation. The trick is to consider two aspects, while the accuracy to describe a solution is the key challenge here.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

First Night-- Writing on Music

Writing about music, to analyze and articulate the non-verbal expression of human spirit has fascinated me for a long time. The ability to write, to create virtual concept out of nothing is the ability to create, reproduce and define one's depth of appreciation in life. 
Despite the disappointment and struggle in real life, there is a space of freedom and ecstasy, which created by the brilliant mind of our ancestors, waiting for us to explore and rest our spirit in the pure, relaxed, and beautiful reflections of our physical existence. 

Yesterday, while I am searching for complementary material for academic writing guide, I came across this wonderful resources form Harvard Writing Centre. It contains clear instruction on how to write about music, both in an academic maner of in an pop music review kind of approach. 

I hope this new discovery  and topic could endorse me with better passion to write in English, and express myself clearly. After all, language skill has been an important parameter to judge one's level of education, cognitive ability and capability of complex work. 

This will be the focus of my 2012. English writing! 
-----------------------------------Here is the Topics I will write about-----------------------------------  
Strategies for Writing the Papers in Assignment 1

This first assignment is a series of four exercises that ask you to analyze one or more musical passages for both aural features and cultural significance. The four short papers are short, focused exercises on specific types of writing about music, such as text-music relations, form and musical meaning. You will need to analyze a discrete section of music (either assigned or one you select), understand how the music works, and describe briefly your (or some other/histor- ical listener’s) experience of the music. The goal in these short papers is to practice various types of music writing, and you should be careful that you do not try to take on every potential subtopic or tangent that might present itself. You do have only 250-500 words.

The four topics build on each other in the skills they are meant to develop. While the specific topics may change or be adjusted during the semester, the goals of each are as follows:

Paper One: In the song “The people that walked in darkness” from Handel’s Messiah, how does the music relate to the words? How is the music independent of the words? You should concentrate on just this one piece, providing a close reading of it and proffering one clear idea. Paper One is an important diagnostic tool for your instructor. It also allows you to examine the relationship between music and text, which is an important theme in this course.

Paper Two: Give an opinion, from the point of view of an imaginary listener in 1824, on the novelties of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and their effectiveness. Paper Two builds on Paper One in that it continues the examination of the relationship between music and text. Here, however, you will expand your focus to consider other primary and sec- ondary sources, particularly those about what musical traditions people in 1824 were used to hearing. Your close reading of passages from the Ninth should be in the service of some larger aspect of the structure of the music, text, or form.

Paper Three: Describe the musical structure of the second movement of Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique (use one or more diagrams if you wish). Within this broader expanse of time there are more musical aspects to discuss, and you will need to choose what to include. Here we move away from the idea of text but continue still with the idea of larger structure.

Paper Four: Describe the various musical elements in the passage of Le sacre du printemps from Rehearsal Number 86 (fourth measure of page 76) to Rehearsal Number 89. Describe the various musical elements and show how they interact. Feel free to use diagrams and charts if you wish. This exercise will allow you to give careful detailed atten- tion to a complex musical passage. It should make you proud of what you’ve achieved in your listening and writing skills, and prepare you for the final paper in which similar careful listening and description will be an important part.

To write your papers, you’ll need to...

Define your interest.What interests you most in the assigned or selected passage? Is there a surprise, a prob- lem, a curious repetition, a particularly effective (or seemingly unsatisfying) technique or idea? Locating something that interests you but that you can’t explain simply is the first step toward a thesis or overarching idea.

Analyze the music. What specific features of the music account for the interest you’ve defined for yourself ? How do melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, dynamics—and other elements—combine to achieve the effect that most interests you? Gathering these details is the first step toward developing convincing evidence for your thesis
or idea.

Contextualize the music, where appropriate. What relationship do you posit between your inter- pretation of the music and the interpretation of the audience at the premiere? How does your claim about the music connect (or contrast) with the ideas of its first audience?

The best papers will propose a thesis or, in the case of these smaller papers, an overarching idea about the music that is true but arguable (it is not self-evidently true; it must be proven), address the likely counter-arguments, show how the musical evidence supports the essay’s claims, use appropriate technical and metaphorical language, and cite sources correctly. The best papers will also substantiate their claims about how the interpretations of the first audience differ from yours (or interestingly dovetail with them) by referring specifically to documents in the sourcepack or textbook.