Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I am facing the world, healing myself.

Begin to understand I am on my own, I have to face to world alone. I have to define who I am and fight for that identity.

It is such a thrill feeling. Enjoyable, cool, but still thrilling.
God said you will ask for nothing in the end. I am not sure whether I have been holding something too tight. But maybe I have been holding too much. I am too proud to give up. It feels painful to admit 'No, I cannot do it'. Maybe, that is the time we should reflect on how to do things better and smarter.

Keep learning from the world. Every moment. Stay balanced inside, be still and be yourself. A total acceptance of  yourself is not only accept what you are good at, but also your pain, your regret and your mistakes.
Only then I can look at the world.

Currently I am working as a free lance designer in GKO. I still feel out of control of life. I know I have choices every moment, but the best choice for me I know seems not good enough.

But one day I will be the person I want to be. I will find the combination of media, tech and business.

Something interesting: A fashion student want to stay over my place on Coachsurfing. And another person want to catch up during the weekend. He is working with a local start-up in the field I mentioned. I am looking forwards to the chat.

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