Friday, May 18, 2012

Feeling on Air

I am on the flight back to Singapore. Writing in the air is a new experience that I might get used to in the future. The trip to U.S is fantastic. I have finally seen the country I dreamed of with my own eyes. I have stood under the traffic light in the busy New York Street, watching the cars and people passing in a harry. I have finally visited the museums and the World Bank in Washington D.C. I have walked and participated ceremony on the Walk of Fame; tasted wine in Napa Valley and what’s more, sightseeing the night view of San Francisco on the cable car which is more than 100 years old.
It is barely hard for me to believe all of those actually come true. But yes, we did it. With Chinese people coming from all over the world, we successfully ran the trip in New York City and Washington D.C. We have managed to visit LinkedIn, Spotify, Asia Society United Nation and much more. 
These two years has been amazing for me. The inspiration starts in year 2010, December, when I volunteered at INK, the TED India conference, I know my whole perspective of the world have been changed. It is fascinating to know Min, Gaurav and Eddy.  Those people with a drive in life and thus attend high achievement. During the conference, I find people trapped in big corporations are mostly dull and pale. They do not have much to talk about on their own life and feelings. All what they are doing is to follow the rules and be an economic components on the huge money machine. Maybe that is the time I know that is not something I would like to sacrifice my life for.
I know I am not realistic when talking about all those stuff. But somehow I believe what I am dreaming of will come true someday. As long as I hold those dreams dear enough and trade it for nothing. The dream of stage, of creation, and of the most beautiful properties in human history is guiding me through all the darkness and difficulties. Noting, nothing could compare with the beauty of art, the astonishing form of human existence in delicate form of shadow and light. I do not know whether my words make any sense, but I am just so fascinated with the piece of work that gathers all human intelligence, sensation and imagination.
I stand in awe, and I know it is a blessing from God, to let us be able to create something like that. 
On the plane, I watched several movies and a TV series talk about call calendar, which gathering the most famous stars and photographers to shoot a female fantasy for  200 selective people. The models are gorgeous. Even as a female I have to admit there are something pleasant and beautiful about those bodies.   
It likes a feeling on air. It is art. The oxygen I am looking for, I know I could not live without the vibration. 

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