Friday, May 11, 2012

Hollywood Fantasy

Grace, Brain and I are living in Hollywood Boulevard now. Grace send out the email contains a list of LinkedIn Speakers. It feels like a dream, a dream that finally comes true. It is our trip, the iCommu trip. It is our song, our laugh and our memory.
This morning, after I get up and went to the small cafe beside the hotel. I heard people talking about film making. The area we lived in is far from luxury, since we are only student without incomes. But you can know that everyone lives here have a dream. They are somehow influenced by the culture. The LA culture, sexual oriented, attention thirsty, and vibrate.
We are lucky that we witness the ceremony at the Walk of Fame of Ellen K. Later, we sightseeing around Chinese Theater and Koadak Theater. Had a tour to the hollywood Sign later, and in the end, we passed by Hollywood Museum. There are much to see the to do here in LA. I wish I could have more time to reflect but it is already 2: 45 at night.

How I wish time past by slower.

Be still, hold on, Chase your dream.

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