Saturday, October 13, 2012

One Week Before Munich

It is around one week's time before I go to Munich.

After travelling to so many places, for the first time I encountered a buggy problem in visa application. Not because I am not qualified, but because with the strict rules, I could not catch my school on time.

However, the time that I spend in Singapore is not a waste. I have more chance to talk to Melvin and learn about God. I have more chance to explore the music industry in Singapore, which I am always interested in. "Become a musician" is a dream that added a vivid color to my everyday mundane life.
To be alive, to be alive, to be alive. Every and each day, my heart is shouting out loudly. I know I am trying my best to understand this world, observe, participate and influence. However there is a thing, a thing that still traps me.
How can we live fully? That will be my forever and ever question.

Also I have more chance to explore the techntrepreneur scene, by involving myself in Techventure.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The concept of DESIGN

It has been a while since my last update. Currently, I am busy with my preparation to TUM as well as taking courses on Coursera.

The world is a very complicated place to understand. Today I met someone trying to sell me World Venture concept, which is clearly a scam. I am trying my best to know this world, I pray that lord can give me the wisdom to choose the life I deeply wanted.

Back to the topic, the term "design" has multiple meanings, and it can go by several different words in another language. Like in Deutsch (German), the words Konstrucktion, bauart, entwurf, planung, and design all refer to different activities that we call simply "design".

Here are some of the human activities characterized as design:

Architectural design
Automotive design
Business design 
Ceramic and glass design
Color design
Communication design
Engineering design
Environmental design
Experience design
Fashion design
Floral design
Furniture design
Game design
Garden design
Graphic design
Industrial design
Information design 
Instructional design
Interaction design
Interior design
Landscape design
Lighting design
Machine design
Mechanical design
News design
Packaging design
Product design
Production design
Service design
Software design 
Sound design 
System design
Theatrical design 
Type design
Urban design
User experience design 
User interface design 
Web design 

While, that is really a long list. And I colored the ones that rised my interest.
It is a dream for me to become a designer, however, I am not a person very good at graphics. Or at least, I am not an art student. The course organized by uPen taught us that design is not necessarily linked with graphic, but a innovative way to solve the problem is already considered as design.

Here I would like to recommend two website for you to explore the world of design:
1. Standford School of Design :

2. Open IDEO :

Wish you have fun watching.