Saturday, October 13, 2012

One Week Before Munich

It is around one week's time before I go to Munich.

After travelling to so many places, for the first time I encountered a buggy problem in visa application. Not because I am not qualified, but because with the strict rules, I could not catch my school on time.

However, the time that I spend in Singapore is not a waste. I have more chance to talk to Melvin and learn about God. I have more chance to explore the music industry in Singapore, which I am always interested in. "Become a musician" is a dream that added a vivid color to my everyday mundane life.
To be alive, to be alive, to be alive. Every and each day, my heart is shouting out loudly. I know I am trying my best to understand this world, observe, participate and influence. However there is a thing, a thing that still traps me.
How can we live fully? That will be my forever and ever question.

Also I have more chance to explore the techntrepreneur scene, by involving myself in Techventure.

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