Monday, January 7, 2013

10 thousand miles

verse 1

Walking on the street in this new city
The autumn is beautiful, like a poem 
I must be happier with your witty lines
but do you ever know?

Maybe you are too far and the world spins too fast 
With young and undecided hearts  
We are searching, seeking, asking about love

verse 2

Dreaming of one day we again said hello 
You are with your son, as fearless as you. 
There maybe a lady on your right hand side
sweet and beautiful. 

It has been too long and the memories are lost 
We can never go back in time
But keep searching, seeking, asking about love


I traveled across the world to find an answer to life.

Happiness is a choice even I am 10 thousands mils from you. 
When the night is falling or the dawn is coming
When I am reading under the sunlight 
or watching the street through the window 
I want to share my heart with you


10 thousand miles 10 thousand miles 
We are half the glob away. 

If you think about me even when we are that far
If you feel the same way as I do
Then I know this love is not only in my mind, but real. 

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