Wednesday, February 16, 2011


蝴蝶層停留 在我唇間

無忌地綻放 決絕

碎了 過往如風碎裂


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Queen Rania

Queen Rania has long been my role model. I like her sense of authority , the gracefulness and  assurance delivered during her speech.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Die Ärzte – Lasse redn

Chinese, English and Deutsch. Well, the blog should go according to an order:) This is a German Song, e-mailed to me recently.

Hast du etwas getan, was sonst keiner tut?
Did you do something that normally nobody does?
Hast du hohe Schuhe oder gar einen Hut? 
Do you have high heels or even a hat? 
Oder hast du etwa ein zu kurzes Kleid getragen, 
Or did you wear a dress too skimpy, 
ohne vorher deine Nachbarn um Erlaubnis zu fragen? 
without asking your neighbors for permission first? 
Jetzt wirst du natürlich mit Verachtung gestraft.
Of course, now you'll be treated with contempt.
Bist eine Schande für die ganze Nachbarschaft. 
You're a disgrace to the whole neighborhood.
Du weißt noch nicht einmal genau, wie sie heißen, 
You don't even know their names,
während sie sich über dich schon ihre Mäuler zerreißen. 
while they're already talking about you (in the sense of gossip).
Lass die Leute reden und hör ihnen nicht zu. 
Let them talk, and don't listen to them.
Die meisten Leute haben ja nichts Besseres zu tun. 
Most people just don't have anything better to do.
Lass die Leute reden, bei Tag und auch bei Nacht. 
Let them talk, day and night.
Lass die Leute reden – das haben die immer schon gemacht. 
Let them talk – they have always been doing this.
Du hast doch sicherlich 'ne Bank überfallen. 
You certainly robbed a bank.
Wie könntest du sonst deine Miete bezahlen? 
Otherwise how could you afford your rent?
Und du darfst nie mehr in die Vereinigten Staaten, 
And you've been banned from the United States,
denn du bist die Geliebte von Osama bin Laden. 
because you're Osama bin Laden's lover.
Rasierst du täglich deinen Damenbart, 
Do you shave your ladies-beard (facial hair) daily?
Oder hast du im Garten ein paar Leichen verscharrt? 
Or do you have a few corpses buried in your garden?
Die Nachbarn haben da so was angedeutet, 
The neighbors had indicated that kind of thing.
also wunder dich nicht, wenn bald die Kripo bei dir läutet. 
So don't be surprised when the detectives drop by.

Lass die Leute reden und hör einfach nicht hin. 
Let them talk and just don't listen. 
Die meisten Leute haben ja gar nichts Böses im Sinn. 
Most people don't mean anything by it. 
Es ist ihr eintöniges Leben, was sie quält, 
It's their monotonous life that bothers them, 
und der Tag wird interessanter, wenn man Märchen erzählt. 
and the day becomes much more interesting when you tell fairy-tales (stories). 
Und wahrscheinlich ist Ihnen das nicht mal peinlich. 
And they probably don't even feel embarrassed. 
Es fehlt ihnen jede Einsicht. 
They lack of insight. 
Und wieder mal zeigt sich: 
And once again it shows: 
sie sind kleinlich, unvermeidlich fremdenfeindlich. 
they are petty, inevitable xenophobic. 
Hast du gehört und sag mal, wusstest du schon? 
Did you hear and tell me, did you know? 
Nämlich, du verdienst dein Geld mit Prostitution. 
(That is to say) you make money with prostitution. 
Du sollst ja meistens vor dem Busbahnhof stehen. 
(They say) you work in front of the bus station. 
Der Kollege eines Schwagers hat dich neulich gesehen. 
The colleague of a brother-in-law saw you the other day. 
Lass die Leute reden und lächle einfach mit. 
Let them talk, and just smile. 
Die meisten Leute haben ihre Bildung aus der "Bild", 
Most people get their education from „Bild“ (a German newspaper – tabloid) 
und die besteht nun mal, wer wüsste das nicht, 
which consists of, everybody knows, 
aus Angst, Hass, Titten und dem Wetterbericht. 
fear, hate, tits, and the weather report. 
Lass die Leute reden, denn wie das immer ist: 
Let them talk, because this is how it is: 
solang die Leute reden, machen sie nichts Schlimmeres. 
as long as they talk, they don’t do anything worse. 
Und ein wenig Heuchelei kannst du dir durchaus leisten. 
And you can absolutely afford a little hypocrisy. 
Bleib höflich und sag nichts – das ärgert sie am meisten. 
Stay polite and say nothing – that annoys them the most.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A recap for Dec and Jan---starting from scratch

The pain is burning me.
At first, I plan to wait till I have enough time, to reflect, to rephrase, and to rememorize the whole process; however, now I realized, that point will never be reached. I keep rushing from assignment to assignment, and if I do not break the routine, life will just continue like an infinite loop. Therefore tonight, 26th Jan 2011, a Wednesday, I would like to recap big events for me in Dec and Jan. They are rather dramatic. The whole story might answer where my pain comes from and why I eagerly start this blog.
Before beginning, I would like to ask whoever read through this article help me with my language. Leave the correction as a comment or drop me a message. Vielen Danke!

INKling—Inspiring Non-forgetting kaleidoscope
The INK conference, in association with TED, is an inspiring experience for me. I could see how my life has been unfolded, my horizon has been broadened and my heart begins to dream for a higher, greater and prettier world.
It was Dec 9 to 12, in Lavasa, India. This was my first oversea trip after I came to Singapore, and India is the third country I have ever visited.
It is amazing. Simply like that.
I have never dreamed of attending such interesting event. TED, stand for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Those are exactly the fields people have enthusiasm in. Or at least I do. Ideas were sparkling in the air, interfering with my mind wave and awaken the slumbered desire to search for truth and create beauty.
From the director of avatar, James Cameron, to local entrepreneur, the speakers injected memorable views and experience to audiences. A comprehensive recording will take me too long, nevertheless I still bring the conference booklet with me sometimes. Reviewing the bio or topic of speakers always give me the strength to persist on. The story of anti-women trafficking, the adventure of rescuing an Korean girl to American, the 3-D printer, happiness, sexy design, the singular holy consciousness. It really does not matter which background you come from, amount of you wealth or education level, but your soul and willingness to make a difference.
Apart from the speakers, I was fortunate enough to stay with Min Xuan for more than 5 days. I had met her once before the trip to India, but only after the trip have I understood more about this wonderful lady. She is focusing on her company PlayMoolah, an inspiring idea. PlayMoolah aim to change the behavior of parent by changing their kids, and therefore address the problem in US financial literacy education. I was overwhelmed by her heart light smile, intelligent conversation and sense of arts. During the 5 days, I secretly set her as my model, who is mature, determined, capable to think, talk and create; more importantly she has a noble soul that care and keep seeking.   
After InK in Lavasa, Min, Eddie and me had a wonderful trip in Mumbai. I am comfortable with Singaporeans actually. I do not feel there are really barriers to get along with non-Chinese nationality people. A friend indeed is precious, but a friend in general is always easy to make and nice to have.
Early in Jan, I received the parcel from Deepak, one of the speakers from INK, New York Time #1 bestselling author. He sent me 6 books on different spiritual leaders and relationship among body, mind and conscious. I opened the yellow parcel with Joy. What an unexpected New Year gift!
As for rives, Eddie teased me at the last meet-up session. Romance is nothing about past and nothing about future, but head long in this moment. His belief taught me to enjoy the ‘present’ at least. And I love his poem Jesse. It is a twist of fact and hoax, shows his naughty character well.  
INK, it is just a starting.

Christian—My prayer 
One day before I went India for INK, I accept Christ. After a conversation last for a whole afternoon with Melvin, I finally made a clear statement for my religion.
I plan to keep on bible study, might post related material in the future.

T/A of TR3002
I am a first year NUS student. I am a fresh NUS stuff. Encouraged by Alvin, I asked Douglas whether I could get hand on some simple work. And Prof. Douglas is indeed generous enough to pass me a job of teaching assistant. Well I know I could not achieve this without the help of Alvin. Sometimes I just feel grateful that God is too good for me. And I doubt whether I worth his blessing.
Maybe the best answer to God, to people who helped and to myself is work harder and get the job done well.

SOC interschool IT case competition.
One day before the competition, I summarized and updated my linkedIn. I saw most of my honors are achieved before 2006, when I was paid well attention of, by my dear mum. My story from 17 to 20 is a bit massy. Yep, a bit. Fortunately, I am not destroyed by the pain; I think I am much stronger than 3 years before. And 20 years old is a good time to re-gain my glory. Out of a gut feeling, I wrote down: I think I need to win myself something recently. And two days after that, I came back with the prize of Champion. Through the process, I saw my weakness more than my strength. Thanks to Bryan and Randy, two of my wonderful teammates. I seriously want to break my barrier, that why I start blogging. If you are not fluent with a language, you just look like a nut. Have been through all those activities, I feel the urgency to practice English writing. Hopefully one day I could master writing and composite more complex syntax.  
I start this on 26th Jan, but today is already 4th Feb. My feeling has changed during this week.  I might continue in another blog post.
Do correct me and help:) Thank you so much!