Monday, February 25, 2013

Be Still

In the age of internet and technology, every question seems can be asked online, and as long as you want to search, you will find some answers somewhere that suit your taste.

However, I think there are some questions that can never be perfectly answered. I am asking, searching and waiting. And here I want to share with you what do I think about them now.

I still do not know what is love. There are so many interpretations and answers, but I know there is a longing in my heart to validate my unique existence in the love from someone. I do not know wether I am asking too much. What I know is, love exists. I can feel it. I experienced it. It brings the most beautiful and brave part out of me. I am still learning how to express this tender yet strong power.

Freedom is not to do whatever you want, but to live up to who you are no matter what's the circumstances. I wish to be free all my life. It's like running on the beaches and feeling that you could be forever young, right after your passion and dreams. Can we be like that? Can we be like the child for ever and ever?
I wish I can.

My dream has never been clearer, at the same time I have never felt this uncertain about where will I finally end at.
I have to be honest. I cannot fake my confidence up. But I will give it a try without concern about the final consequences. Destination is not the only thing matters, the journey makes us full.

Good night, my blog.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Pain of Being Real

I am thinking of abandoning this blog and starts a new one, a more professional one talking about business, PR, Marketing and probably digital music, which is my biggest passion.
I am a bit timid to review so much about the real me. Because I am thinking maybe the world would expected a more professional me, a more capable me, a more pretty me. Constantly, you feel the world is asking so much from you, do not you?

Yet, it might be ok to just preserve this freshness and softness of the part of my heart. Being dreamy, talking about love, trying to give, being broken and silly, crying and gloomy as I seems always am. (while, you know I can be happy most of the time. It is a choice, but I just do not feel like to choose being happy. So Shallow. :)

I cannot be anyone else. Please, let me, be me.