Monday, May 16, 2011

The Seven Step Formula for Goal Setting

Step one
Decide exactly what you want in a specific area and write it down clearly in detail. Make it measurable and specific.

Step two
Set a deadline for the achievement of the goal. If it is a large goal, break it down into smaller parts and set sub-deadlines.

Step three
Make a list of everything that you will have to do to achieve this goal. And you think of new items, add them to your list until it is complete.

Step four
Organize your list of action steps into a plan. A plan is organized on the basis of two elements, priority and sequence.
Priority: 80/20 Rule
Sequence: there are always activities that are dependent upon other activities being completed in advance.

Step five
Identify the obstacles or limitations that might hold you back from achieving your goal, both in the situation and within yourself. Ask yourself, ”Why have I not achieved this goal already?”

Step six
Once you have determined your goal, developed your plan, and identified your major obstacle, immediately take action of some kind toward the achievement of your goal. Step out in faith. Do the first thing that comes to mind. But do something immediately to start the process of goal attainment moving forward.

Step seven
Do something every day that moves you toward your most important goal. Make a habit of getting up each morning, planning your day, and then doing something, anything, that moves you at least one step closer to what is most important to you.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Study Skills

After cleaning up the book blocks on my desk, I sat on the floor reading. Well, maybe in the following 2 weeks, I will just sit on the floor and try to clean up as many books as I can. Any way they stay with me for too long and I really need some 'new blood' over this summer.

In a quite dull guiad book 'The Effective Student' I find something very interesting. The three formulae for study.

SQ3R: Survey, question, read, recall and review (Robinson, 1946)
PQRST: Preview, question, read, summarize and test ( Spache and Berg, 1966)
REAP: Read, encode, annotate and ponder (Manzo and Eanet, 1976)
PAGE: Prepare, ask, gather and evaluate (Jensen, 1989)

Deep in side, I am a person who willing to put more effort in order to achieve excellence. GOD, please prepare me with the strength. Bliss. Bless.