Thursday, May 31, 2012

The night is unforgetable

From today onwards, you will be my hope and believe. How I secretly wish we will meet one day again. You said you are coming back. That's a promise as beautiful as the rainbow. But I will never know until I made it through the rain day.
I will miss you.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I am facing the world, healing myself.

Begin to understand I am on my own, I have to face to world alone. I have to define who I am and fight for that identity.

It is such a thrill feeling. Enjoyable, cool, but still thrilling.
God said you will ask for nothing in the end. I am not sure whether I have been holding something too tight. But maybe I have been holding too much. I am too proud to give up. It feels painful to admit 'No, I cannot do it'. Maybe, that is the time we should reflect on how to do things better and smarter.

Keep learning from the world. Every moment. Stay balanced inside, be still and be yourself. A total acceptance of  yourself is not only accept what you are good at, but also your pain, your regret and your mistakes.
Only then I can look at the world.

Currently I am working as a free lance designer in GKO. I still feel out of control of life. I know I have choices every moment, but the best choice for me I know seems not good enough.

But one day I will be the person I want to be. I will find the combination of media, tech and business.

Something interesting: A fashion student want to stay over my place on Coachsurfing. And another person want to catch up during the weekend. He is working with a local start-up in the field I mentioned. I am looking forwards to the chat.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Girls in Tech-- D+D Day

Google did a lot of innovation with their logo 

Picture with KeyNote Speaker. 
Group Photo 

Compare to America, there are a lot undone and unpolished area in Asia. But I am so exciting that the inspiration is flowing into Asia and I am  looking forwards to see more interesting opening up.

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Prayer

Lord my heavenly father,

I shall offer you my gratitude, since you have showed great enlightenment to me .

We are nothing but your flawed kids running around the earth. You can hear me, you know my name and you called me often.

I attended the workshop of active listening this morning. Witnessing my schoolmates have great passion on the subject they are learning or the project they are running, I realized you have  plant a valuable seed in every person's heart. I know those wishes are as strong as mine, and I can notice they are struggling, self-doubting just like I do all the time. My passion is in media. But the boy want to be a teacher get critical. He said nothing was memorable about myself introduction. It sounds very veg.
What are the fact that is true between me and media? I have learned electronic piano since 4 years old. I was the one of six in the city who obtain highest degree in music theory. And I got a full mark at that time. I won the first prize of TV emcee talent show national wide when I was 16. Hosted Mid-Autumn Festival of NUS during the first year I came to Singapore. I love singing still. Have be trained in Music Forest, and write a song for R at the end of the course. Dancing, I was involved in Jazztitude advanced beginner. Those are the connections I can think of that I have with arts and performance.

I know the only thing that stopped me from identify myself as an artist is that I am rational and intellectual as well. I know where the power come from. Never from artists but politician and economists. Lord I am too thirsty about power and material. Forgive me, forgive me that I am bothered by those concerns and refused your offering.

You are offering me a great life.

When I talked to my parents last night, with the NBC logo pillow. My entire person just lighted up. I am cheerfully talking about my dreams, my interpretation of the world and how can I contribute to it. I said I am so interested in music and film, even tho I am still on the way. I am not an genius. I am just a normal girl with a true love for art.

 If it going to be a challenging journey, let it be. I am not afraid. Without a music or song what are we. What can we be.

Ashton, my previews vocal teacher starts publish his original on Facebook. I am so glad of him that he finally make this step and begin to build his own dream.

Later today I begin to learn E-mail campaign. Sending those beautiful newsletters is a great joy for me.
Before I went to bed,  I watched a video online about a murder case in Dongyuan, China. It was so touching that I almost burst into tears. I have not cried for years I think. It is getting harder for me to be moved by videos and episodes. The video was made by the boyfriend of the girl who had been murdered. Every image is an expression of love and missing. Love, pure love, true love is so beautiful. And I finally realized it is all the wicked mind that keep us from growing.

So today you reveal yourself to me in a new level. I admire you Lord.
And I miss him.

Good night.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Festival De Cannes

Official Website:

I was lucky to witness a live ceremony for Ellen K on the Walk of Fame. The reality is that I have tons and tons of miles to go before I reached the place I dream of being. But why should I be ashamed of my dreams? No, if I truly believe this is something I do like and want to be involved, I will tell you, and accept the criticisms,  sneers, or insult that you may give me. I can be laughed at. However I only live once, there is nothing, nothing I will trade for my dreams.

So it comes the topic of this post: Festibal De Cannes.   
It has been long known by me as a prestige and global events, but never have I explore deeper what it means and how it was hosted. Today, please go with me, let's unveil the mysterious front of this famous film festival.
From the official Website, ABOUT session-- 

What is the mission of the Festival de Cannes?
Ever since its creation, the Festival de Cannes has remained faithful to its founding purpose: to draw attention to and raise the profile of films with the aim of contributing towards the development of cinema, boosting the film industry worldwide and celebrating cinema at an international level.
What is the Official Selection?
The Official Selection serves to highlight the diversity of cinematic creation through its different sections, the two most important of which are the Competition and Un Certain Regard. Films that are representative of “arthouse cinema with a wide audience appeal” are presented in Competition, and Un Certain Regard focuses on works that have an original aim and aesthetic. The Official Selection also includes Out of Competition films, Special Screenings and Midnight Screenings, Cannes Classics and the Cinéfondation selection targeting film schools.
What do the “red stairs” represent today?
These are one aspect of the event and, without doubt, the part of the festival that draws the most media attention. For the organisation, they represent above all an opportunity to give an initial and equally special welcome to both the world’s greatest film artists and emerging talent. They also represent an opportunity to honour the creativity of those artists on whom the Festival’s prestige depends.
What do the non-competitive selections consist of?
The Out of Competition films are often films that have a big impact on the cinematic calendar, and the Special Screenings and Midnight Screenings represent a special opportunity to view more personal works. Restored copies of films that are important in the history of cinema are brought back to life at Cannes Classics, which also offers tributes and documentaries focusing on cinema. In addition to the Selection, cinema lovers can also explore the world of cinema in a different way by attending lessons, tributes, exhibitions and so on.
Where do short films fit in at Cannes?
At Cannes, short films feature in the Competition, at the end of which the short films Jury awards a Palme d’or, and in the Short Film Corner, a professional area dedicated to meeting people, exchanging ideas and promoting films.
En 2010, the Festival created "Cannes Short Film" to bring these two entities together in a complementary dynamic in an attempt to offer an all-encompassing panorama of short film production worldwide, as well as to stimulate the creativity of short film artists.

What initiatives has the Festival set up to encourage film production?
The Festival is very keen to discover new talent and act as a springboard for creation. The development of “Cannes Short Film” is just one example of this. A number of initiatives aimed at supporting the talent of the future have already been introduced: the Caméra d’Or is awarded to the best film presented either in the Official Selection, during Directors´ Fortnight or during the Semaine de la Critique.
The Cinéfondation, which serves to showcase new trends in the film industry, screens films from film schools as part of the Official Selection, as well as organising the Résidence and the Atelier.
How do you maintain the Festival’s international dimension?
The films selected and the professionals whose work is recognised at the Festival come from around the world, and there is international coverage of the event in the media. In addition, the Festival de Cannes offers filmmaking countries the chance to showcase the richness of their cinema in the Village international, which hosted over 40 countries in 2011.
To further enhance the Festival’s international dimension, six new languages were added to the official website in 2010. Internet users can now follow the event not only in French and English, but also in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian.
Does the Marché du film represent the economic side of the Festival de Cannes?
From a very early stage, the Festival de Cannes has placed an emphasis on its Marché du Film as a way of promoting the dual cultural and economic nature of cinema. Today, boasting in excess of 10,000 participants and 4,000 films, it is the world’s leading market, serving to add dynamism to the global film industry. It forms an integral part of the Festival in the sense that it also facilitates networking and provides accredited professionals with the services and tools they need in order to exchange information, hold negotiations and uncover new opportunities.
What does the Festival do for the general public?
A film’s success and its director’s reputation depend above all on how it is received in cinemas. Despite being an event for film professionals only, the Festival is mindful of this reality and is taking steps to improve the way it reaches film enthusiasts.
In 2011, the opening film was released in French cinemas on the same day as its screening at Cannes and the Opening ceremony was broadcast in cinemas enabling audiences to experience the Festival launch night live.
At Cannes, the Cinéma de la Plage, an outdoor cinema, screens a different film each night - and, since 2010, even the occasional world première – from its theme-based programme. These open-air screenings are open to anyone who works closely with the general public.
The Festival is going to turn 65, what is the secret to its lasting success?
While maintaining a strong connection to its past, the Festival is very ready to take on board new and original concepts. Over the years, it has evolved, all the while seeking to preserve its core values: a passion for cinema, the discovery of new talent, and bringing together professionals and journalists from around the world with the aim of contributing to the creation and distribution of films.
During the Festival´s 65th edition, to be held from 16th to 27th May 2012, projects will be conceived, experiences will be shared and different cultures will come into contact: it is this dynamism that makes the Festival de Cannes a true reflection of its time.
iPhone Apps
If you have an iPhone, there are two free apps you can download. 
1. Festibal De Cannes
2. Cinnando For iPhone
Producer Workshops 

 Apart from what seems glamorous and seems impossible to reach, please believe there is always more that what was put in the front. The producers looks like normal people aren't they? 
Festival De Cannes is open to the public to register as well, the fee for  a producer workshop is around 279€,that is cheaper than a LSD  Cannon Camera.  
An exclusive program of meet-and-greets!
Launched in 2004, the Producers Network hosts 550 producers from around the world in a series of meetings and events. Created to stimulate international coproduction and project financing, this event is specially designed for producers.
Every day an individually tailored program will give you the opportunity to meet the various partners your projects require, be it a co-producer, distributor, sales agent or financier.
 -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
More to find in their partner organization 
If you are keen, there will be more information to find in their partner organization webpage. 
The Israel Film Fund    ------
Promagenes Colombia ------
NFI ------
VAF ------
FlandersImage ------ 
SODEC ------
Telefilm Canada ------
DFI ------

I did not find an English version for the last one, therefore I just leave it blank here. This is only a list of partner. Festival De Cannes also give out information of their sponsors and associated partners. I always thought making film will means no money to earn, according to Prof. Douglas.  
I know that is not my only obstacle.  To be frankly, I am not a fantastic photographer, I stopped learning arts as in drawing when my mom banded that course for me when I was 4 years old. I continued music training until 13, that is 9 years of study. But so what, I have not performed on a school level performance since I came to Singapore. 
Put all of those complain aside. I remember there is a theory in Buddhism, do not hold something too tight. Anton, has suggested me when he left SG. 
You are looking for someone too hard, he said. Yes, and maybe it is not only about relationship, but also about everything that I am doing for now. 
I know what I want to do, and I know I am on the way. Unfortunately, life is not all about what we want, and our way. That's the reason I accept Jesus. I will surly leave no excuse to perform on my part. But the rest, I will leave it to the trust of the great love. For the people I encounter daily, I know you have guided me, and protected me. I trust that you will lead me to the place I supposed to be. 
This the the exploration for today. I will write about my iCommu Trip and the novel I am working on later today. 

Hope you have a nice day, too. My blog post readers.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Feeling on Air

I am on the flight back to Singapore. Writing in the air is a new experience that I might get used to in the future. The trip to U.S is fantastic. I have finally seen the country I dreamed of with my own eyes. I have stood under the traffic light in the busy New York Street, watching the cars and people passing in a harry. I have finally visited the museums and the World Bank in Washington D.C. I have walked and participated ceremony on the Walk of Fame; tasted wine in Napa Valley and what’s more, sightseeing the night view of San Francisco on the cable car which is more than 100 years old.
It is barely hard for me to believe all of those actually come true. But yes, we did it. With Chinese people coming from all over the world, we successfully ran the trip in New York City and Washington D.C. We have managed to visit LinkedIn, Spotify, Asia Society United Nation and much more. 
These two years has been amazing for me. The inspiration starts in year 2010, December, when I volunteered at INK, the TED India conference, I know my whole perspective of the world have been changed. It is fascinating to know Min, Gaurav and Eddy.  Those people with a drive in life and thus attend high achievement. During the conference, I find people trapped in big corporations are mostly dull and pale. They do not have much to talk about on their own life and feelings. All what they are doing is to follow the rules and be an economic components on the huge money machine. Maybe that is the time I know that is not something I would like to sacrifice my life for.
I know I am not realistic when talking about all those stuff. But somehow I believe what I am dreaming of will come true someday. As long as I hold those dreams dear enough and trade it for nothing. The dream of stage, of creation, and of the most beautiful properties in human history is guiding me through all the darkness and difficulties. Noting, nothing could compare with the beauty of art, the astonishing form of human existence in delicate form of shadow and light. I do not know whether my words make any sense, but I am just so fascinated with the piece of work that gathers all human intelligence, sensation and imagination.
I stand in awe, and I know it is a blessing from God, to let us be able to create something like that. 
On the plane, I watched several movies and a TV series talk about call calendar, which gathering the most famous stars and photographers to shoot a female fantasy for  200 selective people. The models are gorgeous. Even as a female I have to admit there are something pleasant and beautiful about those bodies.   
It likes a feeling on air. It is art. The oxygen I am looking for, I know I could not live without the vibration. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hollywood Fantasy

Grace, Brain and I are living in Hollywood Boulevard now. Grace send out the email contains a list of LinkedIn Speakers. It feels like a dream, a dream that finally comes true. It is our trip, the iCommu trip. It is our song, our laugh and our memory.
This morning, after I get up and went to the small cafe beside the hotel. I heard people talking about film making. The area we lived in is far from luxury, since we are only student without incomes. But you can know that everyone lives here have a dream. They are somehow influenced by the culture. The LA culture, sexual oriented, attention thirsty, and vibrate.
We are lucky that we witness the ceremony at the Walk of Fame of Ellen K. Later, we sightseeing around Chinese Theater and Koadak Theater. Had a tour to the hollywood Sign later, and in the end, we passed by Hollywood Museum. There are much to see the to do here in LA. I wish I could have more time to reflect but it is already 2: 45 at night.

How I wish time past by slower.

Be still, hold on, Chase your dream.