Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Study Skills

After cleaning up the book blocks on my desk, I sat on the floor reading. Well, maybe in the following 2 weeks, I will just sit on the floor and try to clean up as many books as I can. Any way they stay with me for too long and I really need some 'new blood' over this summer.

In a quite dull guiad book 'The Effective Student' I find something very interesting. The three formulae for study.

SQ3R: Survey, question, read, recall and review (Robinson, 1946)
PQRST: Preview, question, read, summarize and test ( Spache and Berg, 1966)
REAP: Read, encode, annotate and ponder (Manzo and Eanet, 1976)
PAGE: Prepare, ask, gather and evaluate (Jensen, 1989)

Deep in side, I am a person who willing to put more effort in order to achieve excellence. GOD, please prepare me with the strength. Bliss. Bless.

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