Monday, April 16, 2012


It is always easier to run away from life. It is always easier for me to lost in my dreams. Those rosy images and lungent life style. Sometimes I feel life is in vein and empty. What's real? Is there anything even real? People trust you because they have a image in their mind about you.People like you because they have an imagination about you.Every time when I felt dry out,I think of J. I think of his genuine believe in Christ, and such a bliss felling he could always bring. Merging,I indulge myself in the swimming is good that I begin to exercise, and try to keep it a hour everyday. . If I lost interest, if I feel fake and out of touch. I know I should look for you Lord. I should trust your amazing plan for me. Like what seiya shared on Sunday, I was so moved by her destermination. The harshness in life she has been through, and the happiness she eventually obtained. I asked myself, what is my condition? Have I put enough effort to make my life work properly? Or I am constantly running away, and sold myself, do not worrie, because the world of imagination is so sweet and enchanting. I should be grateful.tho I do not have a boy friend, but I some how choose to ignoring this fact. I do not want to admit that I have lost the battle with life. I do not what to give up the things I like or the people I adore. I know that's why I am in pain, and I feel tourchtured by reality. Because I do not know the way to live like that. I do not know the way to live like what I dreamed. But that is reality. Was not it? A free lunch,a no work all play life can never happen to anyone. Hi reality, I am touching your harsh surface. I am smiling while I feel your coldness and ridgedness. Darling, I am not afraid. Let the syphone of bittersweetness keep going.I am not running away this time. I will look into your eyes and tell you I am ready for the play.

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