Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The pathway of possibilities

I used to believe a lot of things are not possible. Even yesterday, when I read Tanya's blog post, I though, oh Jes., there is no way I can achieve the same level of mastering of English. 
Sometimes it is sad to think about the fact, which I am a Chinese, and unfortunately also one that enjoy freedom of expression and never pay much attention in grammers and rules. 

But the question is never "can I do this" but "am I willing to do this no matter what it cost". Everything in life is never about ability but willingness. We fail, we fail hard, but as long as we are still working on it, and adjust our strategy every time we fail, we are still on the right track to find the way. However, the moment we think, "no, I cannot do that" and stop, we will never again close to our goal. 

Feeling is important. Your feeling about yourself, reflect in the impression you give to others. In another word, our relationship with others is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. And even if I think I love myself enough, without the framework of the whole world, I can never locate myself.
Self love for me does not come from just saying and accepting, but come from the clarity of who I want to be and the level of awareness to make myself truly that person.

Why? I asked myself, you work so hard and think so much? Because I never want to let you down. I never want to let the people I care and who cares about me feel disappointed. Even if I cannot do everything, there must be something I can do. And let me do these simple things well.

Never, never am I willing to say that I want to give up. Even though not everything happens according to my will, but I will never give up. Those things including being well educated, being lovable and being able to love, creativity, wealth and a sexy figure.

I always dreamed of being able to sing when I get married.
I always dreamed of being able to stand by your side, looking at your handsome face and saying, I love you since I am young.
I finally understand God's grace is powerful. Peace and joy is guaranteed in his blessing. so secure and certain.

Ruiqing get her intern at Yanglan Interview Group.
I am working for someone who can afford a Rolls-Royce for her father. What Alex has told me is happening again and again, while at the same time I know, what I observe and understand in my own eyes, counts as well.    

Yesterday, I checked Vera Wang's wedding design site. I will never dreamed about those things one years earlier. But now I dare to look at those and think, yes, I deserve it, too. I have worked so hard. I have followed so many rules that people keep talking to me. I deserve one of the elegant designs. Or I will design myself something similar.

The reason why I appreciate her work is that the material does not looks luxuries or boast like some of the big brand. It is elegant, gentle and delicate. It makes you feel so comfortable, peaceful and relax. You know you are part of the beauty. The settings is not to show off your success, but to tell the world loudly you are happy and so should they.

Yes, she is a part of the beauty, so can I. I felt so blessed that a lot of people like my various design. The image of me in my head get more and more clearer. 

When the time comes, I will stand besides you, singing, being your beautiful love. And the guests coming are blessed with his grace. I won't feel tiered or shamed or uncomfortable. I am depending on my own with his grace. The circle will come, the reality will be create. 

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