Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Start Up of Me

You will never know what you can complete until you try it out.
This drawing is done with the inspiration of the gift that someone passed me. After successfully accomplished iCommu project, I realized I have a deep interest in design and arty expression. It is the variety of expression draws me to the world of Media as well as the people who are around me.

2012 June, I am 21 years old. When I find out Taylor is the same age as me, I am totally amazed. People can achieve so much at a young age. Truly, it is not about age and experience but execution and knowledge. By taking actions, many and many of us have made a real impact on people's life. 
Grace joined  YangLan conversation program in TV station in China. Sometimes, I wondered what is fate that made each one of us so different. 
We are the decisions we make. We are the action we take. And we are the connections we have. 

It is great to know Mr. Tan, who is currently organizing TechVenture in Singapore. The essence of involve in start-ups, involve in building a business, get fundings has never died in me. But I want to build something slightly different. 
When I watched makers, I admire Jennifer Siebel, Leila Janah and Lauren Bucherie. Those beautiful women are full of courage and determination. Their product is beautiful, be it a movie or a music platform and their way of approach is nearly always elegant and stylish. 

Check more from here :
If you are a female, you will find your role model. If you are a male, you will be simply amazed by how much women can do.

Mr. Tan has recommend me the book written by  Reid Hoffman, the Co-founder of LinkedIn and Ben Casnocha. The book shared a similar idea with one of popular Youtube Video. The world is changing very fast, and by merely memorizing fact and theories on books is far from enough to get us successful (However that is not to say school is not important, on the contrary, I believe it is fairly important. Do not hate school because you did not  excel or you get frustrated sometime. The trick is always try another time and make it better. If you cannot have an good attitude with school, seldom will you with life, too.) Therefore, to keep up with the world, we have to stay with correct information resources. 
Attached is a mind map summary of the book. 
I still dare not to say, I have done all the things I am interested in, even fantastic. But I have a clear intention here in my heart and I roughly know how to get there. 
Never say never. Entrepreneurs always in the state of starting something , and the most important start up is, you. 

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