Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mar 25 2012, I need to face reality.

I am living in a subjective world at the margin of reality, people said.
I become easy to be contented with this attitude. I lost in my day dream, they are vivid, colorful, reflecting on my ambition and real intention.

I know there are several deadlines, yet I went for After Effect Workshop, Cyema Talk to give a speech and met G after that. The home work is not very hard, at least IS3242. If it is not because of Language, I believe I am competent to deal to more complex and metaphysical problems. While I went to cheers for supper milk, I found hips of people are staying up, working.

I do not like stressed life. It is already 3 am and the truth made me feel uncomfortable. But I know this is the reality. Everyone is striving for their best. You have to take the battle, or die.

I paid the cashier, while thinking, is there anything I want to achieve not because of the economical reward, but the pure fact that I am content with my result.
I think arts. If I can create something beautiful, I will be happy.

May it be report, and scientific discovery? The IT analysis I am doing now? The programs I need to write for different modules. I shall try to program my neroathway in a new method.

Another thing about this blog is, the most visited posts are all about technology.

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