Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Real Me

Who am I ? This is a genuine question worth to ask for everyone. After all, the real purpose of living is to live the real me out. The past week was not easy. I am emotionally on edge because of I cannot meet my expectation of myself.

Who am I? Today 3am I get the e-mail from America People's Daily, saying they want to terminate the cooperation. Part of our rights have actually been offended, and Grace and I are seeking advices from lawyers.

I have never expected the trip will go on this trap, but through the emotional and relational harshness,  I begin to reflect on myself. Jerry asked me, who are you, who are this girl that is so special? So that you think what you can speak, anyone else cannot speak; so that what you think anyone else cannot think of? I still do not have an answer for it. But I believe one day I will find the core of myself.

Zhi Sheng said I am clearly Romantic person. The way I dress, the way I talk, and the way I portray myself.He also predict I can only do things that I am passion about, and do not care anything else. To an extent, the statement is very true.

I love the feeling of love. I enjoy expressing love. For me, one of my fundamental believe is that words have power. Language is a powerful tool to create reality. That's why I want to go for  a master courses after graduate too.

I do not have much more time to lost. Action, towards your dream. It is now or never. !

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