Monday, March 26, 2012

Life as a meditation

I am in NUS I3, thanks for my friend B. I might survive in this Holocaust Season. Every module is a war for me.
Sometimes, I feel life is awesome when you are surrounded with cool people.
It is like when two of your friends get in JP Morgen in Hong Kong and New York; one of your friends works in Credit Suisse Singapore; another is going to Washington  to start a company, how bad can you be.

I am not sure, I feel I am not very competent. S said I am much better than mainland people he met, yet I have to acknowledge the difficulties I have in English, in programming, in school. The intellectual game was once my favorite, now I get hurts, but I am not letting go.

Sure, quit is not in my dictionary.

Buddha once taught the general, the most efficient way of meditation is living as a meditation.

If it is so, the only enlightenment I got now, is that I shall be humble and humble.

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