Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Handel's Messiah - The people that walked in darkness

Paper One: In the song “The people that walked in darkness” from Handel’s Messiah, how does the music relate to the words? How is the music independent of the words? You should concentrate on just this one piece, providing a close reading of it and proffering one clear idea. Paper One is an important diagnostic tool for your instructor. It also allows you to examine the relationship between music and text, which is an important theme in this course.

Are we continuously walking in darkness?  When will it be the right place, right time for us to live the right life ? The orchestral music like a permanent question, deep and thought provoking. One can muse over it, what is the meaning of walking this life, what is the darkness that always accompany us? The shadow that we never let go. The secrets that make us whole.  
The melody fits perfectly with the lyric. The ups and downs sounds like a thinker pondering over  a puzzle unsolved. This is a mixture of pain and hope which is parallel with the sweet-bitter nature of life. We walk in the darkness, but we are under a great light. No matter the lyric was song in English or German, the rhythms of the words fit with the rhythms of the melody seamlessly.
Apart form the lyric, the melody alone is a wonderful narrator. The orchestra was reviewing the main storyline, while violin came in as a response or satellite. And the different kinds of instrument formed a conversation between themselves.  People walk in darkness, who still believe in the guidance in their heart, will actually never feel alone. It is not always good for a man to seek internal reference point. But I do believe, only after you have a strong internal reference system, can one not loss in the complex society.

And I believe the one who understand arts, are tapping the most valuable legacies in human history.

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