Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Vice President.

I am gradually realizing the importance of being professional, and ask myself what is my dream indeed. If I really want to be an artist, why I sat on the table of bankers every time there is a career talk?

I was not in a right emotion this two days. It is called emotion, so that means it is unreasonable. My rational mind is not at rest, yet I just felt powerless over the project and school works and all the incidences I had been through. 

After writing this few lines, I got a conclusion: I want to be powerful, no matter that is intellectually, financially or "politically", wait, you know I do not like politics. But I am fighting for my power, no matter that power comes in soft or hard.

Goldman Sachs was once like a world on another ends to me, so remote and unreachable. However now I ego is growing. :) or let's put it nicer: my confidence is growing. There is nothing "inhuman" and "godlike" in those people.  For sure they are fairly successful, yet they seems humble, on ground, they are not creating the image that they are above anyone. I think those people are just hard working, smart, self-driven.

I am thinking of Christina, if I am not wrong, I know she will be an awesome banker.

Pray, I am not sure about my path. May it be a IT consultant, Advertiser, Producer, Financial Analyst, Singer, Song writer,  or "Day dreamer".  I give it to God, and I know he is wise enough to decide my route.

Let's focusing on the work of today form NUS now. Blogging task ends. :)

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