Saturday, October 1, 2011

Useful Tools for Language Learning.

Language is the vehicle to express thoughts. The mastering of a language often shows one's capability of thinking and learning. It is also the first few things people build an impression about you from. An effective language learning model should help you to access updated language usages, incorporate sufficient reading and writing practice and get continuous feedback. Here I would like to share few online tools that are useful for English and Deutsch learning.

1. Mac Dictionary

If you are using an Macintosh machine, the incorporated dictionary is a great tool for language learner.

The updated version included Oxford American/British  dictionary and thesaurus. Thesaurus is super useful when you want to expend your vocabulary and write an decent academical work. 
Also, you could search online and find other languages' plug in for Mac dictionary. The one I am using is an En-De plug-in. 

2. Lingoes

A wonderful free downloadable dictionary. I believe most of people (especially Chinese) should be very familiar with this software. The vocabulary sets could also be expended by downloading, and the software is supported by Windows OS. 

3. StudyBlue
There are massive amount of online flashcard software, however, StudyBlue is outstanding because it support .xls import and it is totally free. With StudyBlue, flashcard are veryeasy to make, you could just download or create your own excel spreadsheet and upload it to StudyBlue. Your card set will go everywhere with you on your mobile or i-pad. 

4. Membean


Most European language roots in Latin, with fully a understand the meaning of the roots, we will be able to memorize the words better and use them precisely. Membean have some premium plan for member to sign up, but you could always 'heck' their amazing published resources for free. 

5.  GRE, GMAT, SAT Blog group
 I just came across this  website by chance, they have fantastic content eg. 

6. Learn how to speak German

At the time the website first constructed, I become a subscriber and witnessed how they become better and better. They provide weekly e-mail lesson, vocabulary list, testing, German songs and jokes. If you are interested in German, please do not miss this site. And it proved that everything starts form an IDEA. 

7. Twitter

Yes, twitter, it is a great tool if you are an beginner for a foreign language. I followed my Deutsch Lecturer and @ him every time I twitter in German.

8. Tumblr  
  A similar SNS site to twitter, except it gives there is no 140 word constrain and really give you the freedom to include sound, picture, and video for your post. 

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I followed Doeple as well and hope to improve my German by practicing. 
Das ist alles. Danke Schön! 

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