Friday, September 30, 2011

The library

It has been three years since my first time being in Central Library. The campus is much more comfortable for me as I become more familiar with the environment.
Memories over the years begin to become fluffy, liquidized like a damaged oil painting. I myself sometimes get confused about my direction, whether I am still a qualified student or not. I have put in much effort, yet may not in the right direction and result in the ideal life I am longing for.
Sitting here reading my German assignment and preparing for the test afternoon, I questioned myself, how long have not I being quite or empty enough to learn new things.
Yesterday during Cyberarts Lecture, Danila discusses why deadline is dead. Her institutional economic point of view is very interesting, and brought me a more clear-cut view of why university exist and what we should get from the experience. She said she is not passionate about grading, it makes no sense for her to marking so many creative thought in one number.
Yes, it is hard. But for decision makers, they have to choose the better from the best. NUS ranked 30  + in the world. It won't be easy to become outstanding. Although, many of people around me do make that seems simple.
I am blue, because the rejection I faced, because I am not qualified. They said. 

I love the video very much, it is shared by ECI institution. I got a really wired experience there. But be enlightened as well,I noticed the wisdom more  as time goes on.

The founder of CD baby Derek Sivers once said, it is important for us to learn from failure. Even in a society like today, everyone is chasing after Karo-okey success, the kind of achievement you get quickly, once-time, formula provided without mistake. 

There are a lot of self-make millionaires that gained their skill through working or market , however, without a solid foundation of education or training, they cannot break through a certain level like the people who build their foundation though education and learning in a  qualified institution. 

Compare with other method, which I tried and feel confused, I believe her word. I believe in NUS, and USP. The assuring feeling a large and accountable institution gives you is something make you feel secure. :) Oh, human nature.

When God close a door, he will open another for you. This is his calling for me to be more prepared for adventure I wanna go for.

Life will go on. The show will go on.

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