Thursday, October 20, 2011

Women in Banking-- Credit Suisse

On monday 17th, I was invited to an event hold by Credit Suisse-- Women in Banking. Have talked to Jefferson, I got a in-depth understanding of different departments of Bank. Roles that people normally talked about like traders, structures, sells makes more sense to me. I was always wondering who are the people in banking, who can become bankers and why some people with high degree in quantitative finance can not even find a job; on the contrary,  people like Geraldine Cox, AM, who claims that she regret she did not obtain a great university degree had once build awesome career in banking.
I believe the world is a very interesting place, and in every region, the social system is much more complex and dynamic for us to explain using a simplified theory. Instead of using chime  academe language, building model, predict and fail, I prefer to understand what is happening intuitively.

Observe yourself, how does your mind work, and how will you choose your daily interaction with people. The concept of self is a great sample for us to test the fact of the world.

During the networking session in Credit Suisse. I begin to find out for banking career, especially private banking, the network is eminently important. Who do you know, who knows you and are you worthy of trust is crucial for every walk of life, every work of career including banking.

Jefferson has advised me that it is better to take a role in investment banking and it is not necessarily for one to be strong in theoretical math to get in. The essence of investment banking is taught, challenging yet create most value and is the most exciting part of banking career. Investment bankers deal with senior management of big enterprise on a daily bases, and therefore their understanding of management and thinking methodology will be vastly different from PB bankers.
Witnessing  the female panelists on board that day, I firmly believe it is true that once you choose a career, you choose a life style. Karen Tan, being a PB banker is much more casual and looks less superb than Lisa, the pretty, skinny, IB professional.

People always wanna know what makes a person successful, and what make a people outstanding. While outstanding and success is a mental thing, rather than visible physical factors can be matured. And the favorable part of this story is we are the one lead our own life. Indeed the success of each individual is embodied in their every moment in life, every movement , choice and experience.

Jerry Ye compare our mind with programming algorithm. True, what makes one successful is ultimately depending on our computing functionality. When we encounter with another instance of 'life', how is our coding functioning to contribute, entertain, engage of  extract useful coding fragment from the other party is what made us, is the essence of our thoughts.

Traveling with D1 NUS shuttle bus, I suddenly feel the notion of 'self' is dissolving. The continuous pain that burned me, like the reason driven me to Singapore, like the conflict between my interest and my major, like the unexplainable up and downs in life, suddenly become crystal clear. I was filled with gratefulness, thinking of the wonderful people I have met in this short life, and the awareness level they brings into my life.

There was a period of vacuum in my brain. All the noises and little talks shuts down. I becomes a open box, empty, waiting for new experience and enlightenment humbly.  The stream of chaos moving around me become subtle, like a image filtered by a SLR Camera.

I am not sure where will I be exactly, and I do not know what will the journey ahead be looked like. While this is what made life beautiful and worth living.
And one more thing is good that I am clear about the direction I am heading to and I believe I am holding the gear. Pray God will bless.

More to look forwards in R/GA, Eon Reality Pte. and a job search in MDA.


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