Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Post-Exam Vacuum

From last night, my winter vacation of year 2011 has officially started. I am very grateful that my academic result finally gets some improvement. It is still not perfect; I know there were much more I could have done. However I think I had a quite calm, hardworking and steady semester this time. Life has changed significantly since last sem. When I opened my black dairy notes, I could hardly believe all of the events happened in just one year.

Guokr released an article said, time become a blurry mass once our daily experience becomes nearly identical. 100%, I agree with the author. New experience always made me feel refreshing and awake. J said he starts every morning reading Bible, for me, every morning when I opened my eyes I know there is more things to create and experience in this short time zone offered to me; I am excited, and simply grateful for the chance to live and feel in this world. What a blessing!
Rejoice with the lord.

If you know me, if you do, you surly know I am having something on. For this time, I want to follow my heart the listening to the callings deep in my heart. Who am I? How could you be sure who am I based on daily observation? It might be the physical or temporary me at that moment, but who I really am is an unsolved puzzle yet.

I am curious about the answer as well.

Yesterday, during my IS2104 Exam, I liberate my finger flipping the thick notes and articles we studied for this sem. Being an USP students, sometimes I noticed that we are expecting to deliver that level of academic result. We are supposed to be very good in logic, expression and have a pure heart for academic, which are the things I rarely strive myself to do after I came here to Singapore.
All the realities star from a simple dream. When I watched Taylor on NYT, I finally convinced and surrendered to the gorgeous style she has. At the same time start wondering. “What is your deep secret desire that you want to achieve in this life? “

Without a explicit conclusion, I would like to leave the answer to my daily life and performance.

Here is the things I am recently hooked up with :

CD. baby[The co-op Business Model] [Chinese Version]

I met Derek Sivers at INK 2010. He is a very friendly and humble person, sharing about why failure is important for one to become successful. It was a fairly amusing and inspiring talk at the same time. I am inspired at what he sharing of the difficult jobs he has done for getting license and set up online web portal. That strengthened my desire of learning web design and put into more hard work in the MDA visiting program I am working on currently.


As a newly merged music company, Spotify utilizes social network as a platform for people to share music quickly. It hits 70,000 paid user after one week. Compared with MOG, Rhapsody, and Gooveshark, Spotify smartly uses the social network effect in Music field, when sharing music with your friends become as simple as clicking a button, music just become a connection rather than a self entertainment. And I firmly believe that is the essence of music, it serves as an element of social life for people to express and connect.

TribeHouse [Music Page of Facebook]

If Spoify is business model, there do exist something more artistic and pure. Thanks to J, I begin to know tribe house. He comes from a musical community and several of the singers are actually his friends. Musicians have never been a massively profitable career. Expect few luck dogs made their works as consumable products, a lot of artist are struggling with real life problems, sometimes, that means financially. But I believe that is the magical power of music. It has something purely spiritual that make you content regardless of the common understanding of living a rich life. When you have an enriched life, less likely you are still keen in seeking material possession.

P.s. There is no evil angel, but love.

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