Monday, November 14, 2011

I will do everything for love

Started my day with a fresh smile.

I updated my FB status: another awesome day. Lord, I ask for nothing but to rest in your Grace. Few likes  was clicked quickly. The world densified into a cosy small dot again when I heard people from different nations.

The photos on Zach and Jan's Wedding was put up. J and G are freaking good-looking! I could not believe why some guys keeping saying I look stunning  and slim, when I am obviously getting flabby arms. Oh, they made me so sad.

But how could we just say no to a delicious life. No. I hope we could solve this soon. What do you say, lazy lady?

I get yu xi's phone call around 9pm. She is organizing the first Singapore Mandarin TCC! I have to admit that I was very pissed off by the experience I had in ECI.  However after few months of meditation and deeper reflection. I gained a new understanding of consciousness, and what are the wonderful things it could do for us. She asked me, did you keep writing songs? I said, once but not very productive. Study is on the top of my priority list. 

You are still care study that much? Have you ever planed for your future? What do you really want to do? She asked. I was terrified to see myself to go graduate school doing things only for exam and live for grade only.  

Yeah, to an extend she is clearly correct. I might not need all the stuffs about computer, software and what ever the school try to dump in my head. At the sometime, no one could deny that school is a wonderful training process. It is not about the knowledge, but the thinking methodology and depth of your thoughts that matters. 
How should we enjoy life in this ever chaining world? How should we think differently. Who made us free? If you ever think deep enough. 

Vusi from Africa, the great rapper pocked me on FB at night. I told him that I am looking forwards to sing with him again, and he encouraged me to pursue my love in arts parallel with my other stuff. 'Your voice is beautiful!' I was very grateful he said so. 'You made feel like a real singer when we sing together! Singing again? For sure. I would like to be your producer one day!' such a big complement! 

Anyway, the moral of this article is: i have heard enough about what I should do and what I should not. Some suggestions are very helpful, while some just made me feel burdened and confused. Little thing, you do have a mind, why do not think for yourself? 

I will do everything for love. Form today on, I will only live for love. I have faith in my choice. The feeling is as strong as few years ago I said I love you and burst into tears on the street. I thought I would die for you. You could take me if you ask.  I think the old me have already died for you. 

Except the pain, if I have another choice, I will do the exact same thing for my love. 
I only live for love. I only do things that I love. This is my life. This is my Fate. 
I will do everything for love. 


  1. I personally appreciate the bravery of pursuing what one truly love; but still I think the uncontrollable strong inner desire would possibly hurt oneself.

  2. @FY's Sorry I do not understand the hurting part..... could you elaborate your feeling?