Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Trend of Flatted Design

Starting with Microsoft flattened color tiles, the technology design field is now overwhelmed with the tide of flattern design. As google published new visual assets guidelines, it becomes an interesting piece to feed the office email circulation. I am actually quite delighted to read one of the respons from our UX designer.
Thanks !! It was good read... It's surprising the way entire graphics design trend is moving towards 2D and flattened designs. Some of the icons on Mac and iPhone now  look piece of art with Retina display. Too much flatness is killing artistic graphics experience. Windows 8 flat tiles are horrible, it takes  time for me to identify the apps. Now apple is following same with iOS 7, I hope we will not move back to Stone Age monochrome graphics :), just a thought!
Google Visual Assets Guideline
Part 1: Product icons and logo lockups
Part 2: User interface icons and Illustrations

The flattened icons looks geeky and trendy at first sight. Everything is abstracted as a 2D art, like the avatars we used in old digital games. However, I truly believe people will miss the delicate designs, the realistic shadowing and perspectives. The changing of taste will be like flashes, like the seasonal updates in fashion world. What a fuzz, only leave a blink in our mind, but nothing lasting.

I am quite disappointed iOS 7 is following the principles android and Microsoft already created. Apple is gradually losing the gut to be different and outstanding.

I miss Jobs.

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