Thursday, March 21, 2013

The learner, the moment.

You are not going to believe me, if I told you I found my courage in academic work from Miranda Kerr.

She has a sexy, sweet, and yet very strong character. Being a super model, a hot mom, published a book, and started her own business, at the same time enjoy her every moment with her handsome and successful husband. Isn't she obtained everything a woman could possibly dream about? 

When she was asked, "how could you achieve so much." She said it is all about the plan. 
I was motivated, and thinking of plan my future. 

I am going to be really really focused, and one day I will realize my dream. I told myself. 

But wait. Aren't I quite focused and hardworking? But am I satisfied with my life now? Well, partially. Sometimes, I feel lucky that I am involving with the most brilliant human beings on the earth. When my friend said, I really admire Keven Kelly. I told him the author is my facebook friend. 

I feel you can have a direction and leave more options to life will be a wise decision. Do not try to intervene life too much. When it is time, it comes.

Therefore, I pray. I told all my wishes to God. And I want to start plan my life. But in a much more small scale. I just want to plan my time of today, of this week or this month. Everything else is left to Him to decide.


  1. Hi, Yolanda. May I know who is Keven Kelly? I searched on google and baidu but I cannot find who she/he is?

    1. Hi Jiacheng, he is a very influential author in technology field.