Sunday, March 20, 2011

Start my day with young voice

Jasmine Villegas - "Natural"

A sweet voice brings a fresh morning.JB's Ex.

Justin Bieber - Pray

I pray for the nation of Japan, people who are suffering from war, poverty and isolation.

It's a beautiful Sunday today. I will start my TCC training soon and hope to discover more about myself. I felt sorry to miss Rocy's Cyema meeting, however I really could not do things beyond my capability. Is there a limit of my capability though? I remember Eng Tong told me to have free mind and let everything flow in and out in my life. I guess he is right. I will leave it to God, and do my best on my part. This is to serve you Lord, I pray that you could recognize me and use me as your channel of beauty, peace, wisdom. Emotionally healing the people who are suffering from an incomplete picture of the world.
I love JB, he is young and talented. He find himself so early, and that is adorable.
Alright, back to my codings. Java,java, the magical logic of computing. Keep smiling my dear.

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