Monday, March 21, 2011

The 21 Day Fast -- Daniel Chp10

The idea of 21 Day Fast came from Bible, Daniel Chapter 10 first. I believe late March and the coming April will be big days for me.
I will attend TCC briefing tonight and go through a three days journey on 25,26,27 this month. On April 22th, I will be baptized. I am not sure my purpose of life still, from GOD point. Because I saw so many barriers for me to pursue my real interest. Like Bryan said, if I learned Social Since, it is not easy to get a job in China, compare to other majors. If I would like to study such stuff in a foreign environment, I have to come across huge language barriers.
it is true that a large amount of my insecure comes from the language barriers. I pray that GOD could hear my mournings and help me go through the process of let the inside appears out using another language.
In order to prepare for TCC, I give myself excuse to start fasting later. It should be start at 28th.
I did not send my reward report to USP. It is a tiny achievement anyway.
A new day, a new life.

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