Saturday, February 11, 2012


The founder of Aseem come to MNO class to give a talk about his journey of Entrepreneurship.
I like his witty lines and humorous remarks. To him, getting on the dean's list, getting a good grades in University is not a big deal. However the puzzels in real life worth more effort to resolve. 
God, why I feel quite the opposite? May it be I have been pondering on those questions do not have an answer for too long. Therefore, more or less, I have come up with a system to deal with the difficulties and frustrations that might come up constantly. Life is a symphony of randomness, who said s/he has the conductor's script ? 

But I finally realized one thing, spiritually, that is if you are born with a misson to accomplish a task, then there is no need to worry about your circumstances and your current condition. Because everything required for you to finish the task is is already provided. Can you figure out how to use the resources is the only problem. 
And you fate shall come effortless. It is a part of you and you are manifesting your thought, your dream every moment.  

It will come, effortlessly. 

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