Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blogger I miss you

It has been a while since my last post on blogger. The new theme made me a little uneasy, too. Changing the looks to me is a change in personality as well, and is this a step towards who I want to be, or it is a emotional outlet, which often make me upset in the end?
I am a little bit tired of being "good" and "nice". Smile and surpress all my feelings to play safe. No, it is a vanish to boast oneself, but there is no harm to be yourself, be true and breath freely. Right, I am looking forwards to some excitement, some fun, and an excellent story .
I haven't spent a long time in Singapore since back from term break,  but unfortunately, I have had several good arguments with people I thought is friend, and with people I thought trust worthy. I wish I misunderstood you, M, if you happen to be still reading this blog. I saw the green tiny spot shining besides your name on Facebook several time, but we have never talked since the goodbye. Chinese, you once made me almost forget this label can cause complicated chemical reactions, like look down upon, feeling cheap, bored, cheated. And your words are like icy water pouring down my head, extinguished the last smoke of spurious comfort I said to myself. It is still a label, a label contains such a rich meaning, so that someone hate it, someone throw it into dust, and someone fear it. And I will put it on my forehead no matter where I go. I will hold it till I die.

This semester shall be very interesting: NAFA, HCI, management, and social enterprise. My internship with EON went on to the right track. I enjoy seeing customers coming in the studio and try out interactive 3D scenes. Create, is indeed the most beautiful gift we could have. I do not know how much pay this job could get me to. People usually think banking is a very well-paid business, and so is it. But I am still young, and truly believe material alone won't satisfied me. Why no try to do something more interesting and exciting? E.g. Design, Music, New Media. Recently I am reading a journal of an European Pianist. I love his interpretation of Arts and the Expression of arts. 'They do not realize they are dealing with the most valuable thing in human history' he said. I have to put up both of my hands to show my agreement.
If one notice the measurement of human emotion, if one mastering the technic of creating feelings and emotions, what a rich life he\she could live?

Though I love it, but I am a clumsy learner. Guitar, piano, coding, writing and design, let my short life filled with real joy, please.

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